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Anyone can build a blog, but the hard part is to make it successful, with significant traffic, be it a personal or a business related blog. One of the best ways to do it is making the blog SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) friendly.

Search engines generate a lot of traffic since everyone uses the. As they improve and are able to collect more data, it is getting easier for bloggers to use SEO to generate their own traffic.

Search engines like Google have a great number of trust measurement tools for a blog. Google knows how many users subscribe to a blog, but it also takes in consideration additional data, like how long they have subscribed to it, how often do they interact with the site, how many other sites they interact with and how often they use the search engine or email. If another blogger links to the site, Google looks at their blog to see how it may help the site by bringing in more readers. Google also takes in consideration how old the blog is, how often it produces content, and how steady the links to the profile have grown.

SEO for blogs is different than the one for other websites because of the social element. SEO for blogs is not about buying links or triggering other search technology. It is more focused on giving people something to talk about and creating something worthy of attention.

Optimizing a blog is more about capturing attention and getting credit for spreading ideas than about optimizing a page to match search relevancy. RSS and feed readers make it easy for readers to subscribe to every post and read them as soon as they are published. Many people who read blogs also write them, so if a more established blogger posts a story from a newer one on their own blog, it could have a cascading effect, and the new blog could potentially get more traffic. Blogs that solicit feedback may have more comments, which lead to discussions and addition of more content for the search engines.

Categories and tags are another great way of SEO. Aligned tags with industry related keywords will help the page rank well in search engines. Tags and categories should not overlap though when they are both used.
Keywords are a very important tool in SEO. Bloggers need to be aware of where to use their keywords for best results. It is crucial to use keywords in the page title, preferably at the start of the page title. Keywords, related phrases, keyword modifiers should be used in the page content a few times, but it needs to sound natural. Bloggers should never sacrifice good writing for the sake of using the keyword in the right place, but the ones that can make it part of the natural flow of the post, have a plus.

Writing great headlines, highlighting the best content of the site are other methods for site optimization.


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