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SEO Services in Melbourne

How SEO Bangkok Can Help

When your customers search for your services online, does your website come up?

How much business are you missing out on due to your low search engine rankings? Are your competitors taking business from you due to being ranked higher on the search results? We can help you to improve your search engine rankings so that your website will show up first when customers look for your services.

Should you invest in SEO? Absolutely. It can make a big difference in the traffic to your website and if your website isn’t optimised you could really be missing out.

The Fine Art of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex process. It involves a lot of tweaks and processes and the strategies are always changing with the mercurial shifting of Google’s algorithms. We keep ourselves up to date on the art of SEO so that we can use the most up to date techniques to improve the ranking of your website. We can offer you advanced SEO optimisation for your website.

We can offer a range of SEO services, including:

  • Name, Address and Phone Clean-Up
  • Citation Building and Audit
  • Schema Markup and Structured Data
  • Link Building
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Local On-Page Optimisation
  • Create High Quality SEO Content for Your Website
  • And so much more…
Technical SEO

Results based SEO

Our SEO services will deliver a measurable result and will help you to make the most out of search engine traffic. We take the time to ensure that everything we do is carefully planned and carried out to increase performance. We are one of the best specialists in Bangkok SEO has to offer.

If you are ready to begin with optimising your website, just give us a call today. You will meet with our highly experienced team and we will get to know your business and your goals so that we can create a custom SEO plan for your business.

We can start with a preliminary audit of your website so that you can find out which of our services would be the most helpful. We will work together with you to find the right strategy that suits your business.

Call us today, let’s get started!

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What SEO Strategies are working well for Bangkok?

The Internet has fundamentally changed the marketing landscape. Companies have more opportunities than ever to reach their target markets and increase brand awareness. Advancements in technology makes this possible with new marketing channels that were simply nonexistent before.
It’s also ensured that nothing ever remains static especially with digital channels.

As is the case for any marketing channel, SEO continues to evolve as algorithms become more sophisticated. In fact, data shows that Google makes hundreds of changes to its ranking algorithm every year. The reason why is simple: to deliver that most relevant results.

As the field grows more competitive, businesses must learn to adjust their SEO strategies to stay ahead of the competition. This ultimately means doing away with outdated techniques and looking at the bigger picture.

Here are 4 key areas to focus on to improve your Bangkok search engine marketing campaigns.

Focus on More Than Just Bangkok Keywords

Simply ranking for a keyword alone is no guarantee that an SEO campaign is successful.

Top rankings for certain keywords may sound great on the surface. But are they actually generating measurable results for your business? A better approach is to focus on ROI metrics such as conversions and revenue.

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to track conversions. A conversion is defined as a goal you want visitors to take whether it’s filling out a form or making a purchase. Tracking conversions lets you determine exactly which pages are performing well.
Of course, rankings are still important but it can often distract from the bigger picture.

Create Content Assets That Drive Conversions
Content marketing remains one of the most effective ways to attract and convert visitors. It takes a completely different approach by making content creation the primary focus to drive engagement with a brand. Examples include:

Blogging: What is your target market searching for? Keeping an updated blog helps potential prospects find and engage with your business.
Landing pages: What exactly are you offering? Landing pages are extremely valuable and provide prospects with additional details.
Case studies: What kind of success stories have clients has? This is exactly the kind of material that can convert more prospects for your business.
Guides: How do you demonstrate authority in your industry? One way is to create guides that provide valuable content that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Videos: How can you add a personal touch to your brand? Videos let you add more visuals to your content in a way not possible with text and adds a personal face to the brand.

Each content piece created is an opportunity to attract and convert prospects.

But it’s also beneficial for another reason: links. Valuable content is much more likely to attract quality links. Even with new algorithm updates, links from relevant sources signal trust and authority which in turn improve rankings in the search results.
And this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Optimise For Mobile Traffic

Google aims to deliver the best search experience for its users.
This means that your site must be mobile-friendly for those on mobile devices such as smartphones. A site not optimised for mobile makes it difficult for users to browse and read your content. Moving forward, your SEO strategy must take mobile into account.

Google is even implementing a new change that adds a mobile friendly” label to the search results. The label makes it easy for users to identify right away which sites are optimised for their device. Only sites that meet certain criteria can receive this label.

Not sure if your site is mobile friendly?
Use the Mobile-Friendly Test to analyse the URL and determine if the site is optimised for mobile devices. Responsive design is the recommended configuration as the layout dynamically changes to best fit the screen resolution. It also offers the following SEO benefits:

  • Better user experience
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Stronger link building
  • More efficient indexing

Switching to a responsive design ultimately provides a better user experience and improves rankings.
Focus on Higher Social Media Engagement

Search algorithms evaluate hundreds of factors to determine rankings, including social media signals. In other words, how many shares a page has through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter actually affects its rankings. Social media is now much more than a marketing channel, it’s a way to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Simply sharing content on various social platforms without engagement is not enough.

Brands that actually take the time to engage with their audience are ultimately more successful with driving measurable results. Examples include:

  • Answering questions
  • Holding contests
  • Reaching out to fans

Rather than diluting your efforts with every platform available, focus instead instead on only two or three networks. This helps you build a stronger following with each platform and presents more opportunities to generate leads. Social media benefits your SEO marketing campaigns as new people discover your site and even link back to it.


Search engines continue to drive a significant portion of traffic online.

But with algorithms becoming increasingly more sophisticated, relying on the same strategies means missing out on new opportunities. Look beyond keywords and create valuable content assets, optimise for mobile users, and increase engagement on social media networks to maximise ROI.

Are your SEO campaigns failing to gain any traction with the latest updates?

Connect us today to schedule a marketing consultation with our team. We work closely with you at every step to implement a digital strategy that drives results for your business.

We can also help you select the right Bangkok SEO for your company. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

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