What is Link building?

Links are an essential part of the world wide web. They help search engines to understand more about the connections how each page on the internet is connected.

The way links are connecting each page together builds different kind of relationship to different page or domain.

Essentially, the more links a page is receiving on the internet. It’s almost the same as everbody is talking about you.


SEO abused this “linkbuilding” very heavy in the past.

In the early days of Google: Any page would rank the highest amount of links.

Google search enginers quickly adjusted the balance for “quantity vs quantity” over the next decade improve their way of ranking different pages on the internet.

With Google search evolving into a more finely tuned algorithm. The art of link building has nowadays become more sophisticated.


What type of Links do I need to rank?


Like in the real world. Votes or voices from high authorities are considered trusted. With crawling many trillion pages, Google quickly understood what websites are trusted.


Examples of trusted websites on the internet:

  • news websites
    • cnn
    • national geographics
    • bcc
    • abc news
    • herald sun
  • goverment websites
  • trusted local review websites
    • yelp
    • truelocal
    • google my business
    • trip advisor
  • social media plattforms
    • youtube
    • facebook
    • google map
    • twitter
    • instagram