Your target audience is everywhere.

But reaching them becomes next to impossible without the right marketing strategy. The success of your business ultimately depends on your marketing and search engines are one medium that simply cannot be ignored.
Google alone accounts for a significant portion of online traffic, processing billions of search queries every day. Ranking for just a handful of relevant keywords can do more for your business than other traditional forms of marketing.

Being visible for competitive keywords is not as simple as building a website and hoping for the best.
A search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy needs to be implemented. And it can mean the difference between visible online or getting lost in a sea of competing websites.

Ranking well depends on the implementation of a solid strategy. One that brings together great content, social media engagement and quality inbound links. Each of these three aspects play crucial roles to build the authority of your business and increase your reach across new channels.

The following is a closer look at each one.

The content on your website means everything

It presents a clear offer, engages visitors, and makes conversions. It also attracts traffic from the search engines.

But the quality matters.

Write for visitors: Content that is overly optimised may gain search engine traffic but at the risk of sounding unnatural. A better approach is to produce content for visitors and to have it optimised afterwards.

Social Media

Social media is more than a place to share your thoughts and interact with friends. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are invaluable platforms to build an active following. New research even shows that social signals have a direct impact on rankings in the search engines.

Differentiation: Starting on social media without a strategy is likely to fail from the start. The first step is to think about what makes your business unique and how you plan to convey that message.

Social interaction: The best way to build an audience and gain followers is to start interacting with other members. Always focus on sharing great content and engaging with other individuals.

Branding: Branding matters for your business as it helps build a strong presence. Everything from the colors to description and logos should be carefully thought out ahead of time.

Inbound Links

Links remain an important ranking factor in the search engines. Credible links from from relevant sources builds trust and authority of those pages in the search engines. This naturally causes pages to rank higher, driving even more traffic.

But the days of building hordes of links from irrelevant sources are over.

Guest blog: Posting content on authority sites related to your site is one of the best ways to build your authority and increase your reach. But it also requires consistent effort to be successful.

Press release distribution: This involves writing something newsworthy about your business and having it syndicated. This is a great way to build links and increase brand awareness.

Repurposing content: Content can be consumed in more than one format. Repurposing existing content into videos, infographics or even social media content increases your reach even more.

The SEO landscape is riddled with complexity.

Taking shortcuts in the process builds a shaky foundation. A holistic approach that incorporates great content, social engagement and inbound links is necessary to secure high rankings.


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