The most effective method to Use Remarketing To Capture More Customers

You look at your website analytics.

The latest figures indicate a steady decline in online sales. Traffic levels from search engines are relatively stable so a ranking penalty is not the reason. The only possible explanation is that visitors are leaving at a higher rate without making a purchases. But how do you recapture these visitors and bring them back to your website?

The answer is right inside Google AdWords: remarketing.

How Remarketing Works

Remarketing is a powerful feature within AdWords. It allows you to create targeted campaigns to reach people who have previously visited your website without making a purchase or according to other parameters. Your ads will then be displayed as they browse websites part of the Google Display Network or directly into Google.

Here is an overview of what the process looks like:

Add a snippet of code: To set up remarketing, you will need to add a tag across all pages of your site and validate the code. The code can also be placed in the footer if it displays on all pages.

Create a list: Lists allow you to target specific visitors. One example would be creating a list for visitors who have previously been to a popular products category or even during a specific time period.

Build a campaign: The campaigns are then built around the lists from the previous step. The ads then display to certain visitors whether they are on Google search or other site on the Display Network.

The list is the most important component remarketing campaign as it gives you greater flexibility. Here are some examples of how remarketing can help you capture more customers for your business:

  • Target visitors who have added a product to their shopping carts but did not complete the transaction
  • Upsell new products to visitors who have previously purchased
  • Offer discounts for new accessories that complement products purchased
  • Create ads for visitors that visited a certain product category of your website
  • Customise ads to only display on certain holidays such as Christmas

Using remarketing gives your business the opportunity to capture new customers who would have otherwise been lost to a competitor. A report from Criteo found that Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a sale than nonretargeted customers”. In other words, remarketing can be used to dramatically increase ROI for your business.

Getting Started

To implement a remarketing campaign for your business, you will need a Google AdWords account. Under Shared library in the left hand side, click View under Audiences. You will see a brief overview of the process:

Then click Set up remarketing. Enter in your email address to receive a tag (snippet of code) and a set of instructions. Click Send and continue after entering your email. You will then get a brief overview of lists on the next screen and a confirmation to create your first campaign. You will still need to add the tag to your website.
Start by clicking on the red button labelled +Remarketing List:

Enter a name and select an option of who you want to add to the list. This is where you choose exactly which visitors to target with your remarketing campaign. There are even examples of scenarios you can create with your lists.

Then click Save.

Continue following the instructions to get your campaign set up. Estimates are also provided so you have a better idea of expected costs. Your lists will then be able to gather users at which you can choose to run a campaign when the list reaches a certain number.

Using the display network allows you to get creative with your ads as you can run text, image, and even video ads for your campaigns. Be sure to add conversion tracking so you can easily assess the results and test new ads.

Optimising Your Lists

Just as you would refine your keyword lists for PPC campaigns, the key to driving results with remarketing is to optimise your lists and ads. Here are some basic tips to help:

  • Create and experiment with different parameters
  • Exclude certain audience from your lists
  • Tailor new ads and landing pages
  • Set up conversion tracking on all campaigns
  • Include clear call to action scripts
  • Experiment with different pricing
  • Test ads and landing pages


Remarketing is a powerful technique that can dramatically increase returns for your business. It allows you to set clear parameters whether you want to target visitors who left your site without making a purchase or upsell to existing customers. Implementing this in your digital strategy effectively allows you to grow your bottom line.
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