Google Keyword Planner For Marketing Campaigns

Behind the success of every advertising and SEO campaign is effective keyword research. Not knowing what keywords your target audience is searching for in the search engines makes it nearly impossible to reach your market.

The Google Keyword Tool was widely used by marketers and business owners to identify profitable keywords. But Google has recently announced its replacement with a new tool: Keyword Planner.

This tool combines the functionality of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator, all in one interface without having to switch between windows.

With Keyword Planner, you can easily be able to:

  • Discover new keywords
  • Create ad groups
  • Create large keyword lists
  • Target specific cities and regions

Whereas the original Keyword Tool was freely available with restricted access, users now have to sign in with an AdWords account to view keyword data with Keyword Planner.

Get Started With Keyword Planner

If you have already worked with the original Keyword Tool, using Keyword Planner will feel familiar. To get started, sign in to your Google AdWords account.

Under Tools and Analysis, click on Keyword Planner.

You will then be presented with three different options.

If you are starting a new campaign, starting with the first option will let you search for keywords that are relevant to your market. Brainstorming a list of keywords for your products or seres is a good idea before starting this process.

Click Get ideas after you are done. Typing in flower delivery” shows the following keyword data.



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