Consider how much digital agencies are charging per hour, especially the top or premium ones in the market. We can say, SEO is not cheap.

Coming with our years of experience into this conversation. We can design SEO to be cheaper for you by focusing on high impact changes.

SEO is everything you can do to improve your website in terms of search engine quality.

Ranking higher on specific target keywords does not mean you need to do everything. Most of times it only means to improve the core elements that Google is looking for. This way SEO can be very cheap.


SEO in Melbourne Can Be Cheap with the Right Setup

Example core functions we highly focus on to make SEO more “cheap” by saving resources and not doing “everything” there is that can be done.

  1. Website Content

  2. Website Mobile and Desktop layouts

  3. Website Loading Speed for Mobile and Desktop Devices

Alone improve these to be have the best score vs your competition can rank you on top of everyone.

Digital marketing companies nowadays are selling “everything” there is to optimise.

We can help finding out where your critical focus should be and make SEO campaigns cheaper.


Make SEO Cheaper by Writing Your Own Melbourne Content

Content writing is expensive. We can quickly cut down the cost if client help to create their own content.

Mostly we will only focus on creating content / improving content for landing pages and blogs. Technical SEO makes sure the rest of your pages that have problems won’t drag down rankings on your main pages.


Hiring writers to create expert content for different industries in Melbourne is not cheap. That’s why creating your own content about your business often creates the best content you can expect.

FAQ  on Cheap SEO in Melbourne

Will cheap SEO work for any website in Melbourne?

Yes, of course. Cheap SEO in Melbourne is not the same as cheap quality work. We focus on core changes with productivity in mind.

What’s the cost of cheap SEO for a local Business?

SEO campaign varies from what your website is missing for optimal SEO each year. For best pricing on what helps you with SEO or not, get in touch with us.

How soon can I expect to see results from cheap SEO for my website in Melbourne?

We expect to see gradual increase in organic rankings or traffic from 1-3 months after completion of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most certainly not! There is no facade when we say we are recognizably one of the top companies in Melbourne that provide the best SEO services ever. Our complete focus is on building revenues along with quality work. What we offer can never be shady or third-grade cheap services. Irrespective of other agencies that anchor more towards being low in price, we do nothing short of providing your company with success and full value.

At Melbourne, cheap companies are real threats to potential businesses. There is no harm in looking for an affordable agency that provides authentic services but cheap and low-quality SEO hidden under the banner of affordable rates is a dangerous stunt to pull on all of us. We have said it in the open and cleared our perspective of SEO that optimization is the work of excellent marketing strategists. In case you find someone who does it in cheap rates; make sure to find loopholes in that agency that is somehow actually cutting corners.

Not just that, a cheap optimization agency is quick at damaging website rankings. This strategy is similar to blogs filled with multiple keywords that hardly make sense. Beware of cheap companies that take off your money and yet have the audacity to provide something of zero value.

A cheap agency will show off their struggles regarding their SEO practices for some time, but you might get deprived of long-term results. If this happens and your SEO agency fails to show you accurately what they are doing, there is a possibility that they are not worth spending money on with your work. A cheap and disreputable company knows their tricks with a bunch of backlinks. They know how to loop your site to average backlinks. Only their hopes and prayers of high results are saving their low efforts. This method will inevitably affect your long term plans. Such an irresponsible strategy will make a negative difference to your business.

There is no lying in the fact that shelling out for an SEO campaign is something of a deal in recent times. Many companies have learned this art and consider it as a play of gambling. From our end, we do not want you to waste your hard earned money. Our primary goal for every client is the same, and that is to give them a remarkable return on their investment.

Our service works wonder for both short and long term plans. We do not run from our responsibilities, and that is why we work with you as partners at affordable work methods.

We do not claim to be cheap or affordable yet in the name of good and authentic services, and we do provide some freebies (You need to buckle up now!). Get yourself a trial round of SEO audit for your business worth $2,000. There are simply no obligations or catches. We urge you
to join one of our free SEO workshops. Apart from this, you can also review the latest SEO insights from our blog. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter where we deliver our weekly hectic free SEO insights delivered straight to your inbox.

What is the standard price that a web can cost?

In fact, the standard price of SEO varies depending on your preferences just like the car prices vary depending on models. However, asking their standard price is a relevant and necessary question because we all have limited resources from which we budget and allocate to different activities. Alright, this is where $2000 free audit become essential for you. The free audit enriches you with ideas on what we must do with our limited resources to deliver results.

In the meantime, let us start by analyzing the average cost that a web strategy can cost. Suffice to note; there is a range of packages that come at different prices.


Ideally, the price depends on the type of industry. For instance, if you are in a highly competitive industry where there is vast engine traffic, and more brands compete favorably for the same terms, you must invest more to realize positive results as intended.


The size of the targeted audience matters. If you are targeting a broad audience, have multiple targets you must, therefore, invest heavily to reach them. The larger the audience, the higher the cost and the smaller the audience, the lesser the cost.

Goals and objectives

The goals and objectives set and the period to be achieved directly affects the price. Longer and challenging goals attract a high fee.

Strategic Location

Added to all the strategic factors is the complexity of the location involved such as local, national and international, locations. The prices escalate when having multiple locations for instance franchises which require to be treated as separate corporates with their independent links, content and peculiar web pages.

The Keywords

However, keywords are not the only factor; they are critical thus cannot be assumed when it comes to web ranking. Ideally, they influence directly how you want to invest in a good SEO strategy. Further, you must look for competitive keywords, more specific with less competition.

To focus on the dollar figure is quite tempting; however, we advise you to consider the value and think critically about it. Ideally, when you increase traffic to your site, you set your corporate to receive more explorations, profits, and sales. For instance, ranking your web with competitive keywords is expensive, but they will assuredly deliver or attract more traffic. An established and winning SEO always attracts more revenue that overweighs the initial capital. Here, it is all about the returns of your investment.

It is essential to understand what and why you are paying. Different webs differ in the level, depth of the services they offer that directly impacts the initial cost. Therefore, you must look for an agency or company that will establish your campaign anchored on your challenges, goals, objectives, and strengths. At the end of the day, we all want positive results, which is the general rule of the thumb.

In summary, when it comes to investing in SEO, you must analyze the critical factors that affect its cost. Therefore, consider the targeted audience, location, keywords, industry, goals, and objectives. Understand why and what you are paying for. It is important.


If you want to increase paying customers and dominate your regional area, it is time that you become serious about local SEO. 80 percent of all consumers now rely on a search engine to find information locally. This includes users of all devices that are in various phases of the process of purchasing goods and services. Well over half of the searches now conducted do specify a location as well as a keyword. This is known as local intent. By using this search technique, consumers rely on inputting a postal code, town or city into a search engine. Mobile devices provide consumers with a way to search immediately. The good thing about a localized search is that it is very specific and usually includes directions, services offered and business opening hours.

The key takeaway of all of this information is that a local SEO campaign should be part of any marketing investment for every brand. Even if you own a small business, a geographical campaign can help you overtake competitors in your niche.
What is local SEO? Defining this term is very simple. It is an SEO strategy focused more on a targeted location with the goal to get more customers. It is the process of promoting products and services to a hometown customer exactly when they are searching for them. This brings more people into your business.

With every good marketing strategy, a local campaign is used to alert Google of the relevance of your website and its pages. In order to do this successfully, there are techniques and tools that you can rely on to create your local campaign to alert Google that you are the best source for local consumers seeking products and services you provide. It takes time to master the tools of the trade, but it will pay off when you master them. One way to get better local results is to market to specific locations. Keeping your content high quality through the publication of blogs and social media content is a great strategy. You can use Google maps effectively as well.

It is a complete combination of things that will help you website rank higher in a search engine. When your strategy is working, Google will reward your brand by associating it with things within a specific area. This will lift your profile and increase your rankings. When everything is performed correctly, you can easily overtake any niche within a regional area. You can easily compete with larger competitors.

In order to do things right, you will need to work solely with experts in search engine marketing. That is where we can help you. We know how search engines operate locally to offer you the best visibility. Doing things this way will provide you with more foot traffic to your business as well as online. Understanding competitors and targeting the right local keywords takes a detailed approach. Our agency services are tailored locally to achieve maximum benefits. We help you to better understand your competition and create a campaign to help you beat them. Get in touch with us to take your company to the next level.

Will SEO work for my business?

It all depends on how serious you take things. If you are a dedicated person and want your company to succeed, you must give the proper attention to search engine optimization. You will work with a top SEO company (us) and ensure we have what we need to get started.

The following is why it will not work:

You want success to happen overnight. There is no magic wand that can be waved to get instant results. It takes time for things to happen. Google awards websites with a high rank that have dynamic and excellent content using organic keywords in legible ways. Getting in the top position of a search engine does take time because rankings are never changed overnight. It may take several months for Google to trust your website and then the benefits will come to you.

You are unprepared to look at digital marketing as an extended investment strategy. The hard work on your website never really stops.

Any strategy can always be changed, added to or improved. It takes regular maintenance to keep things moving forward or the work will be for nothing. Things such as old content, bogus links and algorithm changes will all affect the search engine optimization for your website.

You want SEO that is cheap. Articles that are poorly written along with bad links do not contribute to a winning solution. The cheap SEO agencies will get you cheap results. Many of them use Black Hat strategies like bad backlink creation or creating worthless content just to try and boost your website. The cheaper companies do not adapt well to algorithm changes. They usually only offer a very small list of services to clients. Now you know!

SEO will work for you

You must partner with an agency that cares about your success. The best company is one that will know what they are doing without being in it just for the cash. Your business should be able to grow organically without Black Hat strategies that will hurt you. Proven techniques that abide by all current rules and guidelines will be provided. The SEO agency that can do all of this for you will likely not be the cheapest, but your investment will certainly be worthwhile now and in the future.

It takes an investment of your time. If you own a small company or a big brand, everyone wants growth. Invest your time wisely in proper search engine optimization to get long-term growth.

You must believe in what SEO can do. No one is talking about unicorns or fairies here. A real and proven strategy should never be ignored. Results are what matter. We have real case studies to show you exactly what we will do.

To someone willing to invest the budget and time, this type of strategy is what will last for rankings and lead generation. If you are willing make the effort, then SEO will surely work for you. Get the results you dream of for your website to grow your business this year.