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How to use the FAQ Rich Snipped Generator

First enter your questions and answers. Add as many as you like. We recommend to add at least 3 questions and answers.

What you put in as Q&A is very important. Bad Q&A will not attract clicks, other will. So, take your time to find the best Q&A combinations.

FAQ Code Implementation

There are several ways to add the generated code to your website.

Through WordPress

Go to your wordpress theme and find the functions.php file. Scroll down to the bottom and add the wordpress code with your dedicated page it there.

Final Check

Head over to Google Testing Tool (https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool) and enter your page URL to see if Google can read your new FAQ structure correctly.

Expert Tip

To make your new FAQ accordion appearing faster on Google search. Head to your Google Search Console (https://google.com/webmasters/) and submit your page for reindexation.

We see our accordions appearing on Google search within few minutes.

Why using the FAQ Rich Snipped Code?

You can literally steal clicks from your competitions if you rank below a page that is not optimised with rich snipped FAQ yet.

Rich Snipped Code in Action