Choosing a reliable SEO company is crucial for your business success.

It comes down to what you are looking for. Most people are only looking for companies that can promise fast results, but don’t understand the longterm danger behind this type of SEO.

Look For These Signs When choosing an SEO company

  • reputation
  • past projects
  • longevity
  • price value
  • local (if important)

Google Their Online Reputation before choosing the SEO Company

SEO companies with bad reviews can be quickly identified with bad reviews. Good SEO companies understand how to manage bad reviews. Take your time in going through your list of potential companies.

Get Detailed Past Project History of the chosen SEO Company

Don’t let inexperienced so-called experts use your website as an SEO testing ground. Ask the potential company to show their past projects. Sometimes you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement to get this information.

Past SEO Campaign Results Still Lasting After Google Updates?

Many companies give a promise to SEO results. When you get their past client projects. Ask if you can get details on the latest results. If an SEO company decided to use shady SEO practises. Most won’t outlast the next Google update.

What’s the pricing when compared to similar price SEO Companies

When you are tide on pricing. Take your time to get quotes from different reputable SEO companies in your area, in your country or even from different companies around the world.

Do you need a local expert that can visit you in person for meetings?

The local expert might cost you more, but legally you have local regulations that protect you from being ripped off.

We hope these few tips help you to better identify the right SEO agency for your website.