One of the best way to improve the average SEO ranking is with creating new content.

Some might ask what type of content we should be creating. Biggest mistake new webmaster can do is creating similar contents to existing web results based on the target keywords. The best type of content that Google loves is unique ideas that is helpful and make search user stay on your web page longer vs your search result competitions.

With this post, we are going to cover the basics way how average seo rankings or an url can be improved

  1. content lengths
  2. long tail keywords / keyword variations
  3. page 1-2 traffic
  4. snowball effect

As you can see, page one can be achieved just within few steps. We are focusing most of our time into researching and creating the best possible content for the keywords we are targeting.

content lengths

As a simply indicator, Google compares content to possible duplication from around the web. To make sure our content is unique, we rewrite every sentences so that it reflects the writers if the information. It’s like telling a friend about what solution you just found online.

Number of Words within your Content

We simply check online search results top ranking pages. If they have 300 words, we normally adding the double.

Most of the time we want our blog post to be at least over 1000 words. Ideally every content we suggest should be as long as possible, as the topic allows.

long tail keywords / keyword variations

The longer the content is, the more related keyword variation that page can rank for on Google.

More keyword variations means higher chances to find a long tail with lower numbers of competing search results.

Which means in other words, Google will display your result on page 1 for specific long tail keywords.

page 1-2 traffic

When you add more content to your page. Google naturally tests how search engine users like the page 1 results with your page included on page one.

If content quality is good.

  • Visitor naturally will stay on your page longer vs competing pages.
  • Not go back to Google search to look for different results.
  • Naturally visit other inner pages on your website

What these signals tells Google

This page is good, let’s rank it higher so more user can find it.

snowball effect

Over time, your page will rank #1 for lower competition long tail keywords. With the rush of organic traffic from the long tail rankings, you have enough positive signals from Google. Mostly enough to push more competitive keyword rankings to a higher ranking on page 1.

The cycles repeats. More keywords are getting to top of page one if content quality is matched with user search intend.

There you have it, the best and cheapest way to improve SEO. Create great content.

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