With the future of SEO moving towards content quality.

We use this method to fine tune the way we do keyword research in order to have enough understanding that helps to keep up with what Google wants for On Site content.

There are 2 things when it comes to content quality when looking from an expert view toward SEO content creation.

  1. Related Keywords
    • How related is the published content to each search query that people are entering into Google
    • sales page sometimes won’t rank at all if the content is not what the search users are looking for
  2. Keyword Variations
    • Word density with a mix of all possible keyword variations
    • title, header, bolded, body


Google’s Free Keyword Research Tool

Google already is giving a free way to allow anyone doing extensive keyword research.

  1. Using Google Auto Suggest To Find Keyword Variations


We simply enter:

best pest control ….

best pest control a….

best pest control b…

best pest control c…


What we then see in the dropdowns are popular search queries that are entered by search engine users for this keyword.

Some keywords do not have as many dropdowns as others because of the lack of popularity.

  • Lack of Popularity Meaning “possible to have search low volume”


Each time we search for anything on Google. There is a “related searches” at the bottom of the page.

  • If entered keyword is not popular
  • if search volume is low



Wrapping Keyword Research Up

As we can see, manually we can already find out what searches are being entered into Google.

With this info, we end up writing contents that are more related to what search visitors are looking for.

The more related content, the high quality content.

The higher quality content you have, the higher chances your website will be rank on page 1 on Google.