Not everybody knows the art of SEO or is industry veterans like our experts.


We have great news for you! Google wants SEO to be simple for anybody to understand. What Google wants to see from your websites before anything else is High Quality Content.



What is high-quality content?

  • contents that make people finish reading it
  • contents that people come back for
  • contents that people like to share to the ones they care about
  • contents that solve their everyday problems
  • content that helps people to make better decisions

We can keep going for ever with this list. I hope you get our message.



Make people curious to Click on your search results

When using Google search, everybody naturally is looking for something. Most of the time, its to find something new. A new search result that Google might just pushed to page 1.

Create and improve your contents in such a way that it gives what people are looking for. Not just enough, but give more useful information.


Content Structure Ideas

  • Response article
  • Staple article
  • Pillar article