Most websites on top of Google search have some level of links pointing to them. It’s very rare for web pages ranking for a competitive search term without any links. Naturally, people like to link to top rankings web results.


Rankings without Link Building is Possible!

If your website happens to be over 10,000 pages and each page have to best-researched content online. Chances are that your website might not even need backlinks in order to rank high on Google search is high. Would spend time and resources to create the best content on the internet? Online traffic are digital real estate.

On the other hand, most websites are not investing that much into creating well researched or provide the best content experience it is online. This is why it’s good to understand more about how link building works.


Basically, the more good links you can create for your webpage (not website).


Link building has many levels. In this blog post, we want only to cover the most helpful types of links you should know and what to stay away from.

The best type of links to look for when link building is getting links from pages with organic traffic. You can simply check the SEO metric for these pages on tools like Ahrefs.

To get most out of your backlink. Try to make sure they have most of these criteria:


  • Australian Website
  • Industry Relevant
  • Article linking out from is topic relevant
  • Has Organic Traffic


Types of links to stay away from:


  • Domain not indexed on Google (search for site:domain on google)
  • Domain has no organic traffic
  • Domain is not industry or location relevant
  • Domain looks like artificially set up to sell links



Feel free to reach out to us if you need more understand about link building.