With this blog, we want to explore the possibility of top rankings within minutes or hours.


First, we want to make sure to have the followings ready to go:

  • have domain GSC verified and dashboard setup
  • pre-selected low competitive target keywords
  • have contents ready


We want to talk briefly about how and why this method works.

Google always shows up the best search result it thinks to have for the keyword that was entered. Some of these search results have mostly pages that are not optimised based on the latest Google guideline. Some are industry-related search result showing up that are not exactly relevant. What is missing from the top search result are well-optimised web pages for these keywords.


Here we are able to take advantage of this situation by creating and optimising new landing pages for our target keywords.

We want to be the first to create & optimise our new webpage. This method also works very well as a preparation for upcoming trends that we know that will happen in the near future (ex. “stawberry pricing 2020).


What type of keyword can we target?

  • All Low KD Keywords (KD = Keyword Difficulties (Ahrefs metrics))
    • longtail keywords
    • branded keywords
    • local keywords (especially suburb locations)
  • Yearly and Saisonail repeating trends


We want to make sure that our new webpages have the following basic SEO elements optimised

  • have the exact target keyword 1x inside the title
  • have the exact keyword inside the url 1x
  • have the exact keyword inside h1 1x
  • have the exact keyword inside body 1x
  • focus on writing the content for readers (create great and enjoyable to read content)
  • add internal links from other pages to your new page (preferable from a sitewide linking element)
  • add multimedia (images, videos or embeds) with matching description


Things to avoid on our new landing page

  • difficult to read contents
  • duplicate content
  • thin content
  • keyword stuffing
    • title
    • url
    • body
    • h1-h6
  • confusing header elements