Are you looking for the best method to rank your website above any competitions?

Look No further.

The best SEO hack to rank anything on the internet is:


Paid Links and PBN


What are Paid Links?

Basically, you pay money for a webmaster to link back to you.


If it’s so easy, why isn’t everybody doing this?

This is what separates experts from beginners.

There are different types of paid links to look out for.


The best ones are from pages with these simple indicators:

  • get links from pages with organic
  • get links from pages that is relevant to your industry


What is PBN?


What do you want to look out for:

  • Make sure your PBN has organic traffic
  • Use your PBN only to push 1 website
  • PBN with relevant content to your niche pushes better rankings


Warning: Using PBN or paid links is against the recommended Google guideline. Testing this strategy without expert advice is at all cost to be avoided on any healthy website.