Just like a roof is a vital part of every building structure, having a solid and strategic SEO strategy is a vital part of running any business. A well-designed and eye-catching website is a major boon to every company, and your roofing service is certainly no exception.

A website that’s properly structured and optimised will make it easy for prospective customers to find your company. So, how can you make your roofing business one of the top players in the industry? Roofing SEO; it is the yellow pages of modern marketing. Following is everything you should know about roofing SEO and its ability to make your company stand out.

What SEO Is And How It Can Help Your Roofing Service

Search engine optimisation or SEO

SEO is an invaluable digital marketing technique that enhances your website with engaging, meaningful and timely content that’s rich with keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Keywords are a major part of optimising websites.

Keywords are strategic phrases or words related to your industry or business that web users can key in when conducting online searches, and that will lead these individuals to your web pages while increasing the ranking of your company website.

SEO Is A Multi-Pronged Process

SEO entails optimising the functionality of your website through user-friendly layout and navigation, unique and quality content, and many other digital marketing strategies.

Your Company Can Get A Better SERP Ranking With SEO

SERP stands for search engine results page and websites that rank at the top of the SERP definitely get their fair share of clicks. Search engines analyze all website content to determine how high different sites will rank.

SEO Is An Effective Way To Remain Competitive

Adding relative keywords to your pages will produce a unifying theme that will allow you to increase your SERP; your pages will contain content that’s relevant to users’ search queries, “like roofer near me” or “roofing business in my area”.

What Should I Expect In Terms Of ROI?

The definition of a good return on investment or ROI will be different according to the size of the company and the company type. Your roofing SEO plan should have a realistic goal, one that’s undeniably ambitious and yet still within reach. If you set your sights too high, you’ll suffer constant disappointment, and if you aim too low, you won’t be able to reach your true potential.

Prospective clients also measure ROI on their decision to use your services and thus, your web pages should give people a good idea of the value your services can provide to both customers and their properties. To get a good ROI on your roofing SEO plan, you have to determine the magnitude of your budget, allocate a portion of these monies to web development, and get enough new customers to both cover the cost of this investment and exceed it.

Roofing SEO

How Long Will It Take For The Benefits Of Roofing SEO To Manifest?

In Any Industry, SEO Results Take Time To Manifest

It can take a few months for you to recognize any significant benefits from your SEO plan. This is because major search engines like Google require ample time to have their search bots crawl through the information that’s on your web pages, and to assess user behaviors and user interactions with your website.

Longer Campaigns Tend To Produce The Best Results

An effective SEO plan for your roofing company will entail hundreds of hours of labor every week and several weeks of this before noticeable results are achieved.

Two Important Factors Will Determine Your Outcome

A successful search engine optimization campaign will lead to a higher ranking on SERPs, but more importantly, it should additionally lead to a steady increase in new clientele.

Your SEO Results Will Eventually Start To Plateau

New clients are going to continue to increase in numbers for quite some time, but this will eventually taper off so that your primary concern becomes the ability to maintain these numbers.

Digital Marketing For Your Roofing Company: National Or Local?

Whether you’re going to market your business nationally or locally is dependent upon your company objectives. With local marketing, you’ll be using your state, city and other geo-specific details to attract the attention of local consumers who are in need of a roofing service. These customers will be typing in keywords and phrases such as “City/State roofing company” or “roofing service near me” and you want your business to get noticed by people who are using these same search terms.

National marketing entails taking a globally-relevant subject such as “hurricane roof damages” or “general roof repair” and catering your content to people who are looking for information pertaining to the subject in question. Again, this is something that’s totally dependent upon your company objectives, but each of these efforts is going to produce results that are in line with the goals of your digital marketing campaign.

Checking Key Performance Indicators For Your Website


KPIs or Key Performance Indicators measure how successful your roofing SEO efforts are. Visitor engagement is one of the top factors for determining KPI along with whether or not this engagement is actually increasing business. Ultimately, KPIs must correspond directly with the goals and expectations of your business.

KPIs are also important to every digital marketing agency as well, given that they show which strategies are working and which are not, and in terms of the latter, how to make the best improvements and changes for ensuring greater overall SEO success. In a sense, KPIs act as a report card for your SEO campaign. The most important KPIs to keep track of are:

New Customers

Your goal is to get as many new customers as your roofing business can accommodate.

Organic Site Traffic

The number of web users who are finding your web pages from SERPs.

Keyword And Key-Phrase Ranking

The better keywords and key-phrases rank, the more likely web users are to actually visit your website.

Bounce Rates

This is a measurement of the number of users who are visiting a single page on your website before navigating elsewhere.

Web Pages Per Session

This is the total number of pages the typical user is viewing on your site over each visit.

On-Site Optimization For Your Roofing Company


On-site optimization refers to how well-structured your website is for ensuring optimum all-around user experience: it is something that you do to help both search engines and human users learn what your site is about and whether or not this platform is relevant to their needs. On-site optimization includes elements like adding in strong keywords in a seamless and natural-seeming way, and providing people with a layout that’s easy-to-navigate.

Choose The Right Keywords And Key-Phrases To Target

Great keyword selection allows you to incorporate keywords and phrases that your prospects and clients will find relevant and appealing, like the specific services that your business offers, the geographical territory that you service, and the different types of buildings and structures that you’re able to work on (industrial, residential and/or commercial).

Optimize The Structure Of Your Website

With a good website structure, both search engines and human visitors will be able to easily navigate your site via pages that are strategically linked to one another and that are also distinct and clear.

Create And Publish Custom Content

Incorporate content that’s relevant to your company and to what your clients and prospects are actually looking for. Proofread all of your custom content carefully to ensure that relevant keywords have been added and that it’s grammatically correct.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a totally free tool that you can use to quickly analyze data pertaining to your site traffic, keyword or key-phrase rankings, and more, to find out how your website is doing with the Google search engine and human users alike.

Incorporate A Sitemap

A sitemap is file containing all pages on your site and it ranks these according to overall relevancy. Submitting this file to search engines will increase your ranking on SERPs.


Focus On Increasing Site Security

You want to protect your site at all times so that sensitive info and passwords cannot be easily stolen. You should also make a consistent, concerted effort to ensure that hackers are unable to manipulate your site so that it becomes either threatening to users or outright inaccessible.

Increase Page Loading Speeds

When users must wait too long for pages to load, they’re likely to lose interest and start navigating to other platforms. Page loading speed is a very important factor in SERP ranking and thus, it needs to be optimized for both mobile and desktop users.

Optimizing Off-Site For Your Roofing Company

With off-site SEO, you’re able to boost your SERP ranking by getting other reputable sources to link to your web pages or to share your web address via social media. Site ranking can additionally be improved by doing the opposite; linking out to reputable sources. You want to ensure that your site content is always relevant to the geographic territory in which your business or your customers are located in order to boost the overall relevance of your site.


You can improve both your SERP ranking and your link profile by linking to authoritative, high-ranking pages that relate to your industry or company.

Starting Listing Your Roofing Service In All The Right Directories

Prospective clients will be able to easily find you if your company has been listed in high-ranking directories.

Doing this involves eliminating any bad or broken links from your website and ensuring that plenty of high-ranking, authoritative sites are linking to this platform. Irrelevant links, dead links, and insufficient links on your pages can damage your ranking.

Social Media Integration For Roofing Service Providers

The high-usage and popularity of social media platforms offers you new opportunities to expand and enhance your online presence and to attract and convert new clientele. Social media can drive traffic to your site in a very efficient and inexpensive way. Having a solid social media presence can additionally boost brand loyalty and brand recognition, while make it easier for you to convert prospects from social media into paying customers by allowing you to connect with these individuals in a personal and personable way.

YouTube Optimization And Management

A lot of companies are using YouTube to promote products, perform product demonstrations, and offer tutorials. Our agency can assist you in optimizing your YouTube video content and with keyword integration.

Managing Major Social Media Campaigns For Your Roofing Company

If you don’t have a lot of time to constantly update your social media profiles and accounts, then our agency can routinely update your accounts on these platforms while making sure that you have plenty of quality content for keeping readers engaged.

Tracking The Growth Of Your Company Over Time

You want to remain abreast of your company’s profitability, growth and customer base. These methods and tools will give you a better understanding of which strategies and efforts are working or not working, and they will also give you the guidance for making the right changes.

Phone Tracking

Phone tracking enables you to determine which parts of your SEO and digital marketing campaigns inspired a client to contact you so that we can determine which campaign strategies are providing the best returns.

Tracking Forms

If a visitor completes an online contact form, you can learn what this person’s location is. Knowing where people are located will allow you to devise better-targeted digital marketing strategies.

Traffic Reporting

Find out how much traffic is being driven to your web pages, where this traffic is coming from, and what’s piquing the interests of your users by using tools such as Coremetrics and Google Analytics. These tools will provide in-depth info for better refining your campaign.

Ranking Reports

A rank report will make it easy to determine where various keywords are ranking and which of these keywords is the least or most effective at fostering conversions so that your strategy can be revised as needed.

Roofing SEO: A Truly Effective Digital Marketing Solution

A good roofing SEO campaign will dramatically increase the overall scope and growth of your roofing company; it will allow you to get a broader range of customers who may not know about your company and its service offerings. Taking advantage of all the above-mentioned techniques and tools can greatly improve you search engine ranking and, best of all, drive more qualified prospects to your web pages.

It takes both patience and time to implement a good SEO campaign because you aren’t going to see results right away; rather; it could take weeks or even months before you start experiencing positive changes in your SERP ranking, client numbers, and site traffic. thYnking is a digital marketing agency with years of experience in helping roofing companies mount successful and high-yield SEO campaigns; we’re ready to apply our hard-earn knowledge to drive your company to new heights.