Melbourne Agency, Integral Media, is looking to bolster their team and talent by offering an internship for digital marketing. This intern will have several responsibilities including client management and reporting. This intern should be a self-starter and have the ability to work independently without having to be told what to do and when to do it. It is important that this candidate understands not only how to effectively and professionally communicate with the clientele, but that they also understand how to troubleshoot and solve problems.

Here at Integral Media we work to improve our clients online business through digital marketing and search engine optimization.

This is more than just an SEO job. It is an SEO internship with a leading agency that will provide you resume building experience while learning all you need to get a job after graduation.

Currently the agency is searching for writers, designers, developers and those with a major in marketing. Contact us to find out more about the available internships.

Requirements and Responsibilities

Content SEO writing for websites of our clientele.
Using and analyzing data from the metrics tools for reporting and to optimize results.
Effective communication with the clientele to explain campaigns and results generated.
WordPress management and design.
Manage hosted accounts from multiple sources.
Report to upper management the results of all marketing and campaigns.

Why Intern at Integral Media

Real-world experience is what you have to gain from interning at this agency. Learn cutting edge techniques and methods that are proven successful for several different types of clients. You will have full access to all the tools and resources offered. These include exclusive tools only offered to clients and those employed. Headshots, videos and other professional images taken for the company. If you have your own venture we will support it as we do all of our clients. You can work from home as well as from the office.

As with the majority of internships this one is unpaid. However, besides the experience gained you have the possibility of being hired on after internship completion. In addition to this opportunity you will learn highly valuable skills that will bolster your resume that any employer will find impressive.

Do not hesitate any longer. Click below to find out all the details about our intern program. It will jump start an illustrious career.