Best Way To Make SEO Affordable for Melbourne Websites

  • Planning SEO
  • SEO Content
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Website loading Speed

How To Plan Your Most Affordable SEO Strategy

If you already have enough experiences, focus on the basics.

If needed help, get in touch with our experts. We might be able to help you or give free directions.

The basic plan that we encourage most people to make the best out of is to improve their website as best possible.

Write Your Own SEO Content

This is something anybody could do. More suitable for industry experts who already understand their craftsmanship at its best. Hiring writers without industry knowledge is time-consuming to go through researching, approval, editing, rejection cycles. By writing SEO content in house helps to keep down the cost for an SEO campaign. In other word, make the SEO campaign more affordable. We understand that not everybody has enough time to write their own content. We are working with many local industry relevant writers. Some expert writers were active in different industries such as legal, plumbing, travel, marketing or lectured in universities.

Adding Images and Videos

Visitor love to look at relevant images or videos when reading through your content.  Take images and upload them with your smartphones.

Adding FAQ to Your Content

FAQ sections helps to answer relevant questions to your content. It also helps to boost the Click Through Rates (CTR) on Google search.

Adding Bulletpoints / Headers

Break down complex contents with bulletpoints and headers helps to make your content easier to understand for beginners.

Adding Google Structured Data

Before finishing up your content writing. You want to make sure Google understands your data correctly.

Hop over to the Google structured data tool and see if you have added the correct rich snipped code to your new content.

Mobile Optimisation Simplified

website mobile friendly for seo

This is not something everybody will understand and is able to apply. The simplest step that can be done here to help to lower the campaign cost is to choose the simplest website design or layout there is. Keep it plain and simple. The nicer a website looks, the more or animation it has, the more complicated the codings will be.

Improve Website Loading Speed Helps with SEO


There are tons of tutorials on Google on how to make the website faster. Experimenting with new settings on a live business website might cause everything not to work at all. This is very dangerous if your business relies on the website to be always online.

Some basic settings provided by popular themes can help with improving the loading time, but if those settings are not helping your website to be on a green scale of Google Pagespeed Insights, its time to talk to an expert. Improving website loading speed is not simple that can always be done successfully without experts. It is not something we recommend on saving budgets on, but by talking to experts. You quickly can find out what direction to move on without spending too much budget on this.

Affordable SEO FAQ

Being affordable means you focus on the main and most important part of SEO first. With  more budget, you can work on everything at once.

Yes and No. It depends on how fast you can complete important all part SEO by yourself.

We look at the whole picture with latest SEO requirments from Google and guide your campaign through the best return strategies.

As soon as we get started and your SEO completed.

Some SEO strategy allows for refund. To understand more about this, please get in touch with our team.

SEO packages can start from $100 AUD. This really depends on what your website needs.