How much SEO actually costs will surprise just about anyone. That’s because SEO free. SEO is about optimising a page of content for specific keywords that has search trends on major  search engines like Google Search. The price is free, all anyone needs to do is to craft content that is suitable to their audiences.

Real costs of SEO

The reason why it became a business to charge fee for SEO services is the intellectual properties. SEO experts have tested and figured out what to focus on specifically when optimising a web page or a website to rank better for selected keywords. Prices for a different level of experiences vary a lot. Based on the priority, their expertise can be totally based on different specialisations.

With this in mind, understanding that SEO is actually free. We can move on explain more about the different aspects of how SEO prices are made of.


Prices for SEO services

Typically SEO is made of On Site and Off Site optimisation. Trends in 2020 is moving higher percentage of the optimisation towards the On Site SEO. Last years, most rewards were earned for Off Site work. Depending on how currently the Google Algorhithm is tuned. We might recommend a different focus from year to year.

With the current focus on the On Site SEO, we want to make sure that the website we work on explains as much as possible about what they are doing in terms of services, products, brands. Without actual data, this is like shooting in the dark when selecting keywords or topics  we want to focus SEO on.


On Site Services:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Audit
  • Content Creation
  • Content Implementation
  • On Site Optimisation


Off Site Services:

  • GMB
  • Citations
  • Outreach
  • Branding


SEO service prices depend on what element of SEO we are looking at.  We at Integral Media are using hourly rates, depending on how complex an element is. We don’t just finish something for the sake of finishing a task. Our expert will take the needed time to make sure the work is done correctly without mistakes that could  force us to come back to the same task.
Cheap SEO prices can be found on the internet, provided by cheaper agencies  that are outsourcing the work to India or Philliphines. Please learn enough to understand about the different results produces  by outsourced  company that typically rush their work and those who spend an balanced amount of time to deliver quality work.


Prices for SEO packages

To keep SEO prices more affordable. SEO packages are smaller or larger bundles of SEO services. The positive about them are the prices, the negatives are the custom work that is needed for specific SEO elements, if needed. In this years of SEO trend 2020, we see that most rewards in organic traffic are earn through specialised optimisation and not bulk work.

That being said, we hope everyone understands the value of true Search Engine Optimisation and support everyone to with their choices.

Prices for a typical basic Package starts from 10 hours per month. Depending on work, we focus each 10 hours on different elements that are most efficient to be focused on at a given timeline, whether its Content, keyword research, Technical On site optimisation or Outreach.




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