SEO Melbourn helps local businesses to become more visible on Google search. Being ranked #1 on Google search helps local businesses to stand out from the field. Become more visible to customers who are searching online for their products or services. Research shows that #1 ranked websites on google gets roughly 30% of the searches for all ranked keywords.


SEO Melbourne helps to Save Money

Google offers websites that are not ranking organically on top of the search results in Melbourne a chance to be displayed on top by bidding on Google Adwords for keywords.

Adwords can become a huge monthly investment. Considering their ROI, it is a worthy marketing strategy.

Ranking organically for the keywords you could pay for saves the same amount of money.


Ranking on Organic Search for Multiple Keywords at the same time. Google naturally ranks webpages for multiple relevant keywords.



If we optimise for the keyword: “SEO Melbourne”

Google will naturally rank us for “Melbourne SEO” at the same time


Same goes if optimising for: “SEO Services Melbourne”

Our web page will have a chance to also rank for: Melbourne SEO Services, SEO Services in Melbourne, Best Melbourne SEO services, SEO Melbourne Services, SEO Services in Melbourne reviews


These longtail keyword ranking are based on different metrics:

  • word density (1 word, 2 words, 3 words, etc)
  • titles, subtitles (h1, h2, h3, etc)
  • content structure
  • images
  • embedded media
  • number of words

In simple words, the best content on the internet has the highest chance to rank.


Knowing this very useful when competing for customers in big cities like Melbourne.