Most people might be wondering how SEO works for Melbourne keywords

The trick in ranking well for Melbourne SEO keywords is to have the best content online. Google is smart enough to see how everything is connected. Having the best landing page content is the simplest best step you can do toward better online visibility on Google search results.



The #1 SEO Trick: What does it mean to have the Best Content on Google?

Try searching online for a keyword of your choice. Check out if top ranking websites have comprehensive contents. If you think their content could be made better and easier to understand, you are already doing the first step of SEO. Next logical step is to go ahead and start working on a better version of those results.

Learn SEO Online

SEO has so many elements to consider. Google keeps pushing new updates almost every day. Officially they are pushing out over 800 updates per year. This includes test, rollouts, rollbacks, etc.

On-Site SEO

On Site SEO is most of the most important part of SEO. If this fails, everything fails. Consider taking your time in learning as much as your can about the On Site SEO already is part of a success.

Off-Site SEO

Nowadays Google is looking for natural web mentions. Last time SEO experts had to force feed with off site SEO signals. You might have heard from link building, manualy or using automated tools. Just 10 years ago it was consider a standard practise of doing SEO to spam the web with as many links to the website as possible. Over time, this was aboslutely abused and moneytised by last time SEO experts.

SEO MelbournePrice Structures

SEO companies in Melbourne has a different price structures to suits the market demand. Different price comes with different work quality. It is good to check the market price first before deciding to go with an expert. If its too tiring to ask every SEO agencies in your city. Go with your gut feeling.

Expert Tip: Try Reaching out to past clients of the agency. Not the ones that are still active.

SEO Packages

Packages are here to cover different SEO needs for different types of websites. SEO company usually do a few types of work in bulk, this way in house costs are more affordable.

Expensive Packages

Expensive packages are usually offered to the highest competitive markets. Competing keywords that are targeted have very very high value to some businesses.

Expert Tip: There is no shortcut. If some expert promises you shortcuts or signs of it. Run

Affordable Packages

SEO prices are getting more affordable when the agency offers customised SEO packages. This is something we recommend every client campaign follow. With understanding SEO thoroughly, not every website needs every type of SEO. Most websites only need some parts of SEO. To understand what your website really needs. Ask for a free SEO quote.

Cheap Packages

Cheap packages are very customised packages. Usually one element of SEO. This types of packages are mostly ordered in bulk by some agencies to outsource agencies in India, Philippines or China. We don’t recommend going this direction as most so-called expert involved might focus on outdated SEO practises.


With understanding the basics of SEO, you can start applying SEO on your website for FREE. :)

Feel free to always reach out to our expert if you are not sure about your directions.


Follow SEO Blogs (the trusted ones)

Gazillions of SEO blogs exist online. They all provide some sort of value to a beginner. Not all provide real value to an advance SEO specialist.

Keep in mind that Google keeps pushing out new updates every day. Most old blog contents simply are talking about outdated SEO topics.


Follow SEO conversations on Reddit

Reddit has a better system of providing the latest SEO insights with its user voting system. It might be good to spend sometimes reading about SEO on Reddit, but what we really recommend our beginners to do is to implement basic SEO to their own websites instead of reading possibly outdated contents.

SEO Internship (choose the right company)

Many agencies are offering SEO internship. Signup up for internship provides first-hand working experiences from an agency. How different agency elements are working together. From sales to customer relation and implementations did by experts, writers or web developers.

Internships offer unique experiences of working with different SEO Specialists.

Keep in mind: Many agencies are giving interns very boring repetitive work to reduce costs. 

Join SEO Events / Meetups / Conferences / Trainings (recommended for beginners)

Such a gathering can be lots of fun and bring new connections to people we never would expect. This can open doors or new opportunities to the ones looking for it.

There are not many changes in the SEO industry that we physically have to there in the event. These kinds of meetups could be done over the internet through live streams.

In fact Google Webmaster Hangout is officially managed by Google Switzerland. They do youtube livestreams in different timezone to answer Webmaster questions from around the world.

This is the first meetings that we would recommend you to join. (

Sign up for SEO courses in and around Melbourne

Melbourne host SEO events very often. It is easy to find suitable events for your needs.


Do your own SEO test (like experts)

A surefire way to know what you are doing in the SEO world is to test everything, On-Site changes and Off-Site changes. Test everything in a controlled environment, (as controlled as you possibly can) to get your insights on how Google performs on different adjustments.

This way it sounds like everybody knows SEO when you are just getting started and lookup SEO blogs on the internet. After this new knowledge started to soak in, you will quickly see how many pieces of information on the web outdated.


Melbourne Based SEO

Google delivers search results based on location keywords like Melbourne. Knowing this, we want to focus on local SEO to get the most relevant organic traffic.

Local SEO Signals

Google uses different types of information to map out websites that should be served for local keywords.

  • mentions on local websites
  • business names on local websites
  • local phone numbers
  • associated local address
  • verified Google My Business account

In order to enhance as many local signals that Google can pick up. We recommend small business owners to keep business details consistent. To appear the same everywhere around the web.

SEO expert call this NAP – Short for Name, Address, Phone.


SEO in North Melbourne

The best way to start improving SEO if your website talks specifically about North Melbourne area is to have the location inside your page Title and Content where ever it makes sense to readers.

Melbourne Port Area

Improving SEO for another location like Melbourne Port, is same as North Melbourne. Try to include your location keywords into as many text elements as possible.


Melbourne has over 100 suburbs that anybody would want to optimise for. Keep your SEO simple and lookout for all web page elements that you could add your location name on.

Expert Tip: The Most Important On-Page Elements for SEO (ordered by their importance)

  1. page title
  2. page url
  3. header 1-6
  4. bolded texts
  5. images
  6. content
  7. social media embeds (youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook, …)


Common Industries for Local SEO

Dentist SEO

If you own a dentist website and looking for a competitive advantage over your local competitions. Making use of SEO is the right choice. Customers are looking for relevant reviews online. Do your best to appear with the most relevant contents to your online audience.

Roofing SEO

It is not easy to find a good roofing company for someone who has never ever used roofing services from experts before. This is why its important for your roofing company to optimise for SEO. Keep your strategy simple by focusing on your content that delivers the right information to your online customers first.

Plumber SEO

Plumbing is one of the most competitive local search time on Google. Sometimes cost per click goes as high as $40 per click. For this reason it is crucial that you do your absolute best to optimise your plumbing website with SEO. It is not difficult to get started. First step we recommend is to provide the best content possible for your online audiences. If you content on all indexed pages are good, it should rank well online.



Working with Local SEO Company

Working with local companies gives you extra protection from local government authorities. SEO industry used to be a ripoff industry in the past. SEO experts with bad reputation who have done shady SEO work won’t last long. Look out for reputable company that you trust your business upon.


Experience in Ranking Websites for Melbourne based Keywords

SEO companies that have been operating for some time should have good experience from past client campaigns. Signing up for any company passes your review is a good step toward SEO.

We recommend you to learn a little about SEO first before going ahead and signing up for a campaign without understand what is going on.


Working with Experts Saves Time & Investments – No Trial and Errors

Veteran SEO expert knowledge comes with past campaign experiences. Going through every Google updates every time and experience first hand good and bad SEO is something with too much information to read about.

Expert Tip: Ask your expert what SEO techniques works well now and will last the coming Google Updates

If your expert is able to tell you in detail how all connect in a sense that feels right to you. You have already identified an expert.


Types of SEO services

Google analyses so many aspects of the web in order to deliver the best search result they believe it can be done. Keep in mind that Google is limited by number of CPU power they put behind ever search entered on Google. Knowing this we always understand that Google won’t send AI like J.A.R.V.I.S. from Tony Stark to identify the best web pages in order to deliver the best search result for people around the world.


Keyword Research

When an agency does keyword research for you. They usually digg in deeper than what you could do when searching for something on Google. What you could do for free us using Google auto suggest and relevant searches at bottonm of your search page.

What an agency does is to pull data from different sources and compare these with the metrics that will help finding keywords that is low in competition and give you the most relevant search users.


Website Audit

SEO specialists visit all your web pages manually and with specialised SEO tools such as Screaming Frog. These tools helps to view and understand how your website look like from a search engine spider perspective. These data will help to identify issues or lack of optimisation.

Most of the SEO tools for website auditing are paid tools. Some to give a few days, weeks or a month free trial.


Website Optimisation

How efficient website is being implemented depends upon the experience of your expert. Something that takes 5 minutes to a veteran could take 1 day for a beginner.

If time is not your friend. Maybe ask an expert to give you a hand.


Content Creation

Writing content is the most complex step in doing SEO. When done right, it’s the most fun part. Experience writers can help you out with writing, but if you have the time. Write the content yourself. Who else knows most about how your business operates.


Guest blogging / Linkbuilding

Trending SEO practises in 2018 and 2019 is guest blogging.  It is basically reaching out to the relevant website and asking their webmasters for permission to post content on their website.

Using guest blogging as a link building method can be dangerous for your business. There are so many types of service. Please let us know if you would like us to break this down for you.


Google My Business

Google is promoting GMB (Google My Business) very heavily as youtube ads in some countries. GMB is a platform that allows local business owners to register and verify their business detail. Having the details optimised helps your local business to be more visible on the search engines. Google now integrated different ways you can interact with customers looking for your online Google My Business page.


Local Citations and Web Citations

Citations are mentions about you online. Google is smart enough to identify patterns that has your business name, phone numbers or address on local or internal trusted websites. These mentions helps to point out what type of business you have and how well known it is online.


SEO Penalty Recovery

With Google rolling out hundreds of updates every year. Websites that used to rank well on Google could be penalised for outdated SEO and lose all their traffic. There are ways to identify issues and recover the lost traffic. Here we only recommend you to work with experienced SEO experts because they know what kind of updates Google is pushing out every year and could help to quickly identify your problems.


Ecommerce SEO

Countless local business that are specialising in products are growing their business on Google using Ecommerce SEO. When done right, search users will find the products business owners are selling. By not selling products and services online, you are missing out alot of potential revenues.


WordPress SEO

WordPress is the most popular website platform online. By not doing SEO on your WordPress site, you are missing out on potential search traffic.

Since WordPress is so popular, many developers have made it very easy to optimise your WordPress website with SEO with different plugins and already optimised WordPress themes.



Integral Media SEO Company

At Integral Media, we want to build a lasting relationship with our clients. The only way we can keep clients is to make their SEO campaign perform well on Google

consulting services

Do you have a small business website or many websites that need help with SEO? Our SEO consultant is able to give you an honest SEO quote with packages that suits best to your website.

Our consultation is free. Get started by reaching out to us.

fully managed SEO campaigns

Different websites have different levels of SEO needs. If your business is new to the digital world. Chances are high that you need all types of services. Our consultant can take time to go through each service that is recommended and explain them to you in simple words.


white labelled reseller SEO Packages

Requested by many local agencies, our services are provided as white labelled services and customisable packages. You will be given a branded custom dashboard for your clients with daily updated SEO metrics to give overview of how your SEO is progressing.


Ask our experts

Would you like to know more about how we look at SEO? Reach out to our experts.


Apply for SEO Job at Integral Media

SEO jobs are exciting for people who likes to connect dots.  If you are excited about this and would love to land a job at our agency.

Send us an email on why you would like to join us, don’t forget attached with your latest CV.

We are always looking our for local talents that fits our team. There are always chances that you get a job in our company.

Remote SEO Jobs

Working remotely gives us the freedom of being flexible with our time. We believe that future workspace should be flexible.

If you pass our trial period, you could end up having the option of working remotely from your space.

Working remotely is challenging for those that can’t deliver. We have tried this with many team members in the past.

Not everybody is suitable. If you are still excited about remote working or have your reasons. Reach out to ask about it.



With 5 star reviews on Google, Integral Media is confident to deliver great services for new customers.

The only way for our agency to stay in operation for along time is to build trust and integrity.



Common SEO Web Questions / Searches

SEO Company or SEO Agency or SEO Firm

Something we see very common on the internet. There there are no differences between company and agency for our industry.

These words are being used by people of different ethnic backgrounds.


All SEO companies in Australia

It is from our perspective impossible to get a complete list of all SEO companies in Australia because the list would need to be updated on a daily basis. The best advice we can give for people looking for all SEO companies in Australia is to search for reputable SEO companies in Australia instead. We recommend looking for local agencies that you can have meetings in person.


SEO in Sydney

SEO practises for Sydney is as same as for Melbourne. Sydney is a more competitive city. Most searches have higher CPC costs. Instead, to going after big city keyword from the beginning, we recommend starting optimising for suburb keywords that have enough search volumes.

SEO in Brisbane

You might be wondering if Melbourne and Sydney SEO are optimised the same, so should be Brisbane. Since Brisbane has less population when compared to Sydney and Melbourne. Online competition is drastically reduced. SEO methods are staying the same.

SEO Company Reviews

We recommend to look out for the authenticity of each review. Many companies create fake reviews in order to appear to have a good online reputation.

What is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is a way to promote your web page on Google. It can become visible on paid and free traffic platforms.