What is the right way to approach SEO for small businesses

An ideal way to approach SEO for small businesses to prioritise high impact changes before doing anything else. New businesses sometimes loose years of investements by trying to do everything at once.

Must know details about Small Business SEO in Melbourne

Most important part for the success of small business SEO is to understand short term priorities.

SEO is a long term strategy

Organic traffic from search engines are built to last. 5 years, even 10 years.

SEO can be cheap and affordable

The way SEO works at its simplest level is by creating better contents on the web.

Simply start by searching for 1 keyword of your choice. To through the top 5 ranking pages and ask yourself what could be missing.

You are already doing SEO by creating content that is missing on the top spots.

There are specific ways content can be structured in order to help Google understand your content better and rank it on top faster.

SEO has many languages (complex)

Google releases several hudnreds updated to it’s search engines each year. When talking to an “EXPERT”. Ask yourself what timeline this expert is on. Something very common in the SEO industry is that experts are not catching up with the latest Google updates. This results in them doing outdated SEO.

Why is this important?

Doing outdated SEO might harm your small business on the long run. All time and resources you are investing in improve your SEO could be penalised by Google one day.

SEO is local and global

SEO in Melbourne is an ideal way to find customers from your area. Google is doing the best to deliver localise search results. With understanding this, through SEO you get the most relevant visitors who are looking for anything you are talking about online.

Small Business SEO FAQ

Small Business owners often asking us the same questions. Below are few common ones.

Is SEO safe for small business?

SEO is safe when applying correctly to any website. We always follow important Google guidelines. Our experts always keeping up with ongoing updates.

Is SEO expensive for small business?

It can be, but it does not have to be. We make SEO campaigns less pricey by focusing on the most important tasks first, measure results and restrategize. Not doing everything at the same time.

SEO will improve website loading speed?

Part of SEO is to make websites loading faster for desktop and mobile devices.

Can old business website benefit from SEO?

Yes, but depending on the website system. We always recommend to make use of latest available softwares. Websites today are more efficient compared to 10 years ago.

How soon are SEO results for my business to be expected?

We normally see results anywhere from 1-3 months after implementation of all needed SEO elements. Very competitive search terms take 6-12+ months.