How do you increase traffic to a website?

How do you attract and convert more visitors? How can you reach your target market?
These are all questions that business owners constantly ask with their website. One challenge is even getting started as there numerous online marketing strategies.


These include:

These marketing strategies are highly effective for marketing a website and attracting new customers. The only challenge for business owners is that these all require an upfront investment.
But one area that is often overlooked is business blogging.
Consider the following statistics:

57% of companies with an active blog have used it to acquire a customer
B2B marketers who blog generate 67% more leads than those who do not
Business blogging leads to an increase of 55% more visitors
The benefits are impossible to ignore.
Let’s look at why you should your business should blog in more detail.


1. Generates Targeted Traffic
Every website owner ultimately wants more traffic to their pages. But if you are not actively marketing your website, chances are slim that your website will see any results.
Every time a blog post is published, it presents another opportunity for the new page to be found in the search engines or shared on social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ or LinkedIn. This exposes your website to an even wider audience that has yet to discover your business.
How to find content ideas for your audience.
Twitter. What topics are trending?
Q&A sites. What questions are being asked?
Google Keyword Planner. Which keywords are people searching for?
Related blogs. What topics are being discussed
Forums. What are people talking about?
Let’s look at an example.
If you sell computer products, your customers likely have numerous questions from choosing the best computer to installing a new graphics card. Compile a list of questions your customers have and blog about them.
That’s it.
Whenever someone makes a query in the search engines, your posts stand a good chance of getting noticed and maybe even convert a visitor into a paying customer. This is only one example but other industries can also benefit from business blogging.


2. Converts Traffic into Leads
Each blog post presents another opportunity to generate leads for your business. All you need to do is add a call-to-action to each post. These are simply forms that ask for a name and email address in exchange for more information.
These can be for:
Free product trials
Using a call-to-action with each blog post helps to turn your traffic from blogging into potential customers for your business.


3. Establishes Authority
Blogging is a powerful marketing medium that can also help your business establish authority with its target market. If you are publishing content that helps visitors find exactly what they are looking for, it creates trust and builds credibility.
Which means that people are more likely to do business with you.


Blogging is an effective strategy to generate targeted traffic to your website which can then be converted to leads and sales. The best part is that you do not need a large marketing budget or a team to get started. Even small business owners can get started right away as there are numerous tools available.
Blogging offers a high return for your business and also generates long term results for the business. A blog post that is published once can deliver continuous traffic to your website through the search engines and social media networks.
Not using this marketing strategy means potentially losing out on sales to competitors.