1. Didn’t explain Flash, SEO problems
  2. Company is gone, can’t access the site
  3. Non-responsive, not committed
  4. Rude, Short, Doesn’t Exist Anymore
  5. Design Problems, Relaunched Site without Approval
  6. No control, Developers won’t give access
  7. Technical Limitations
  8. Slow to respond, Poor Service
  9. Doesn’t Listen, Incompetent
  10. Couldn’t execute, Overpromised, Lack of Capabilities
  11. Inept, Old Technology, Slow, Non-Responsive
  12. Too Slow Loading
  13. Misled, Poor Communication or No Communication At All
  14. Out of their Capabilities
  15. Delays, Lack of capacity, Over-promised
  16. Non-Responsive, Disappears
  17. Communication problems, Designer fell off the earth.
  18. Overpromised, Over their heads, Going Out of Business
  19. In over their heads, CMS constraints
  20. Never Delivered, Overpromised, Missed Deadlines, Offshoring
  21. Company was always slow, one-person shop, now retiring
  22. Can’t find developer
  23. Database Crashed
  24. Non-Responsive, Offshoring
  25. Had amnesia, Missed Deadlines