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Without the need to learn or understand more about SEO. Just follow our simplified guide to enjoy more organic traffic. New published landing pages take anywhere from 1-3 months to get organic traffic. If you have waited more than 3 months and still not seeing organic traffic. This usually means the keyword you are after is very competitive or you website doesn’t have enough trust signals to rank within the top or outranking the top websites.

Simplified Landingpage SEO

  • Have a landing page for your target keyword
  • Have your exact keyword 1 x in the beginning of your title
  • Have your exact keyword 1 x in the beginning of your content
  • Have your exact keyword 1 x inside your url
  • Make sure all of your content is unique by checking it on
  • Avoid having low quality copied content or duplicate content whether its internally or externally on your website
  • Control your internal links with most links pointing to your landing pages in a meaningfull manner

ANTI Over Optimisation Tips

Many are still unaware not to overdo things. Often the url have repeating parts of the target keywords. This is one of the top handbreak, stopping any page from ranking higher.

  • Avoid repeating your target keyword inside title more than 1 x
  • Avoid repeating your exact keyword or broad keyword inside your url more than 1x
  • Don’t stuff keywords inside your content – Keep content pleasing to read through
  • Avoid using h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 as a design element – They should only be used as title, subtitle, etc

Mobile Website Optimisation

Some search phrase have mostly visitors with mobile devices. In 2016, when mobile search traffic took over desktop traffic. Optimising for mobile devices is the new standard in Google search.

website mobile friendly for seo

  • Make sure your website is scoring over 90 on
  • Avoid Touch elements that are too close to each other
  • Avoid too small texts to read
  • Crop images to fit different devices optimally
  • Compress images for faster loading time
  • Make use of CDN
  • Cross device check website to ensure optimisation to all mobile devices
  • Create great UX for visitors while browsing on website

Increase Rankings on Map Results

Apply these to have a chance on landing on Google’s Top 3 Results

  • Verify your GMB
  • Keep your GMB business name short – mention main services at the end
  • Optimise every element of your GMB
  • Reply to every review – good and bad ones
  • Add GMB details 1:1 to local directories
  • Have local websites mention about your Business using GMB details 1:1 – (business name, phone number, address and link)