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Business in the 21st century has truly become a worldwide affair. Transactions now take place at nearly light speed, a customer from across the globe can instantaneously place an order for any good or service desired and through the nearly limitless capabilities of the Internet, a company that gains the correct amount of exposure can drastically increase their online presence. As companies continue to widen their target markets, many choose to employ the use of an overseas SEO firm However, is this the best choice? Are there certain advantages in utlising the services of a domestic company or is SEO a universally understood protocol? The answers to these questions may come as a bit of a surprise.

Expert Local Market Awareness

First and foremost, not all SEO firms are created equally. The primary thing a business needs to consider is their target market. Domestic SEO firms will naturally have a better understanding of the domestic marketplace, the specific demographics and perhaps just as importantly, the practices of regional competitors. Thus, they have the ability to make changes on-the-fly quicker and with better results than an overseas firm.

The Important Aspect of Link Building

One critical functionality of effective SEO is the ability to build links across multiple similar pages. To target the correct audience, links need to be made with businesses and websites within the region itself. Local SEO companies will have a better understanding of which companies and sites are the best to connect with and can do so much quicker and easier than a third party offshore firm could accomplish.

Language is Key

Most of us are keenly aware that the central tenet around SEO is the act of determining the correct words and phrases designed to be utilised in search engines. Although English is still the most widely recognised language in the world, there are notable differences between British English and American English. This can play an important role in developing an efficient SEO campaign. Australian companies will not only have a firm grasp on these linguistics but they will also be well aware of any slang or otherwise regionally-specific terms that can be used to increase online exposure and therefore conversion rates.

Knowledge of Domestic Laws

Another aspect which can be overlooked by foreign companies is the need to adhere to the very unique and specific Australian laws governing their Internet presence and marketing campaigns. For example, all companies within Australia need to register themselves online with an Australian Business Name. This and other regulations may not be as widely understood by foreign firms. These are but a handful of reasons why a domestic SEO company can prove to be the wisest choice for many growing online businesses within Australia.

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Reach out to our online marketing consultants and hear how we can help you reach your digital marketing business goals.