Professional ads management services with Integral Media.

We manage Google Adwords campaign for local clients across Australia. Giving clients more ROI by optimising each campaign to reach their maximum potentials over time. Main cities our Google Ads are appearing are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.


How Google Adwords Management Fee Works

Campaign management cost depends on the total activities and budget that is given for a campaign.

  • Fix Cost
  • Hourly Cost
  • Percentage of Campaign’s Budget


Fixed Management Fee

Fixed Fee for an Adwords campaign is popular and suitable for most small campaigns that are small enough to manage on fixed hours.

Fee Based On Hourly Work Requirements

On Adwords campaign with dynamic work requirements. Sometimes we never know how many hours is needed.

Especially setting up a new campaign. Unlike maintenance, setting up new Adwords campaign. Alot of time is needed for:

  • setup tracking
  • setup Google analytics
  • setup Google Adwords
  • run, monitor and optimise the Adwords campaign
  • report
  • repeat

New campaign setup requires more work, this is why most agencies prefer hourly fee for setting up new Adwords campaigns.

Some agencies are going even so far to charge additional fee to first time setup the campaign as a SETUP FEE.

Fee Based on Total Campaign Budget

A lot of Digital agency love to offer Google Adwords management services with a fee based on the total amount spent as campaign budget.

10-20% as fee is a normal number and is often seen on smaller campaigns. Bigger clients who spends few million US Dollar per month often prefer to have in house Google Adwords management team that they can control.

Unfortunately not many company don’t want to go through the hiring and learning process on managing new digital marketing members. For this reason even big Adwords client still prefer using digital agency services for ads management like Integral Media.

Important take away here for our clients is to always be in clear communication, so you always know what is going on within your Adwords campaign.

Online Industries Google Adwords Is Suitable For

  • a service business

  • agencies

  • architects

  • artists

  • attorney

  • b2b

  • b2b marketing

  • banks

  • bloggers

  • blogs

  • business

  • car dealers

  • chiropractors

  • contractors

  • dentists

  • dropshipping

  • ecommerce

  • electricians

  • facebook page

  • financial advisors

  • fitness

  • hotels

  • instagram

  • jewelry

  • law firms

  • lawn care

  • lawyers

  • lead gen

  • lead generation

  • loan officers

  • local business

  • marketing

  • mortgage brokers

  • my business

  • new customers

  • photographers

  • products

  • publishers

  • real estate

  • real estate agents

  • real estate investors

  • realtors

  • restaurants

  • schools

  • search engine marketing

  • shopify

  • small business owners

  • startups

  • therapists

  • travel agency

  • universities

  • wedding photographers

  • wordpress