Driving performance for one of Victoria’s largest private hospital groups.

Epworth HealthCare Group

Epworth engaged us to help make some much needed improvements to their digital marketing performance in order to attract more patients to their clinics.


Epworth HealthCare is Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private hospital group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation. They are an innovator in Australia’s health system, embracing the latest in evidence-based medicine to pioneer treatments and services for their patients.

Our approach

We spent time with our clients at Epworth to gain a deep understanding of the organisation’s challenges and aspirations, so that we could deliver a Google Adwords strategy that appropriately segmented and targeted their service areas of focus.

What we found

What we did

Our experienced Google Ads team regularly monitored and optimised for performance.

Our approach

Keyword research

Discover new keywords, capture missed opportunities and continuously refine the ads based on new insights.

Bid adjustments

Monitor leads to ensure high quality and relevance whilst reducing the cost per conversion to maximise the ROI.

Ad campaigns

Setting up new search and display campaigns to capture more opportunities, ensuring all ads are error free and running at their best capacity.

Optimise & refine

Refining ad copy and ensuring ways
to encourage better interaction rates and conversions.

The result

Within the first 12 months, Epworth saw a wave of exceptional improvements throughout their Google Ads campaigns.

“It’s an absolute pleasure working with Alex and the team at Integral Media. They’ve really taken the time to understand our organisation and its unique requirements. They’re always available when we need them and we have regular WIPs to discuss campaign performance. We’ve seen a vast improvement in our search advertising since we started working with Integral.“

Louisa Macleod,
Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager