Meet the team at Integral Media

Integral Media combines the most experienced people in their fields to offer world class leading solutions. We help a range of businesses, from small enterprise through to corporate.

Alex Morrison
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JJ Phonsot
Operations Manager
JJ is our Go To SEO Guy, He started SEO in 2011. His expertise: Staying ahead. His special Skillset: Google, Linux, Automation, Cloud, SEO Software
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Dane Bortko
Business Manager
Dane is our Business Manager at Integral Media. Dane oversees all operations and departments and drives successful outcomes for our clients. Before joining the Integral Media team over three years ago, Dane was working in the videography and audio industry. Dane is an avid musician, having played guitar for over 20 years and shares an equal passion for cars, coffee and travelling. In his spare time, Dane loves to attend music gigs, keep fit and watch his beloved Bombers. Dane strives to always provide the best customer service to our clients and is always engaging in new exciting ways to do business and continue his development.
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Pim Anekritmongkol
SEO Content Manager
Pim/Yada manages content and technical SEO optimisation for our vast array of clients. After graduating from university, Pim worked for SWISS International Airlines for a year before joining Integral Media in 2016. During her free time, she loves to cook healthy food, mostly vegan, and works out to keep fit. In her busy time, she likes to treat herself to all kinds of delicious food. Her parents inspire her to be an honest person and work hard. Pim believes that everything happens for a reason and that keeps her motivated and grateful (in almost) every situation). Pim is passionate about providing great customer experience. With her keen eye for detail, she likes to find areas where she can improve and provide the best outcome for our clients.
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Yiw Kaewsomsri
SEO Specialist
Yiw started in SEO in 2017 and is now a highly knowledgeable and key member in our team. He is specialised in technical on-site and off-site SEO for local businesses. His ever-growing skillset includes Google Ads, Cloud Systems, SEO Software & Data Analytics. Yiw also works on many of his own personal projects; an SEO Blogger, AdSense Publisher and an Affiliate Publisher. Yiw’ personal hobbies include gaming, running, travelling and exploring nature and loves to enjoy a drink whilst listening to Alternative rock, Nu metal and Grunge music.
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Gillian Titus
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Gillian is the digital marketing assistant and helps with writing content and optimising blogs for clients at Integral Media. Prior to joining the team, she majored in Digital Advertising and Professional Writing during her studies at university. She loves to read, watch movies as well as spend time with her family and friends. She believes that you'll never work a day in your life if you do what you love and love what you do. She is motivated by client satisfaction and strives to provide excellent service to each client.
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Keely Tzoukos
Digital Marketing Assistant
Keely is our Digital Marketing Assistant and helps with writing and optimising content for our clients at Integral Media. Before joining us in 2021, she studied Media Communications and Economics at university. In her spare time, Keely loves to bake brownies, kick back with a good book, and rewatch episodes of her favourite sitcoms. She believes that no one achieves anything alone, which is what motivates her to be a part of a team. Keely strives to deliver the best outcomes for clients by helping them connect and communicate effectively with their customers.
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Chetan Joshi
Google Ads Specialist
Chetan Joshi - Google Ads specialist, handles purpose-driven online advertising campaigns. His role includes research, setup, optimisation, automation, business intelligence, and reporting. Chetan has been with the company for a year and has a total of 15+ years of experience in the online advertising space. Prior to this, he has worked as an Internet Marketing manager at a software company and also at Google. While at Google, he managed multi-million dollar portfolios, across several industries like retail and travel. Chetan is obsessed with making data-driven decisions and also following the industry's best practices so that customers get maximum value for their money. Chetan likes watching international movies & documentaries and is a die-hard foodie, who's always willing to try new cuisines.
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Leone Britt
Content Specialist
Leone has been with the company for three years as a content specialist, writing landing pages, blogs and outreach for our many clients. Before joining the team at Integral Media, Leone worked as a journalist and sub editor in Sydney for many years at AAP and John Fairfax. She has a BA in Communication (journalism) from Charles Sturt University, and has also worked in radio. In her spare time she takes care of her two horses, two cats and a dog, learns guitar, and has fun rock n roll dancing. She has won two national poetry prizes and has had short stories published in Australian literary magazines. Leone is inspired by art, especially the Old Masters, literature, history and natural horsemanship, and is far too interested in politics than she would like to be! In her work for IM, she strives in her content writing to present the client's business or organisation in an honest and positive light to help them attract sales and audiences, and to grow and succeed.
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