SEO helps AU websites to increase in organic traffic on

The best way to approach SEO in AU is by start improving foundation of a website. Core part of any website foundations are CONTENT, Mobile Optimised and Website Loading Speed. Improving will help any AU website to improve significantly over any online competitor.

This all sounds very simple, but why is not everyone improving SEO this way already?

Google judges the quality of a page by how search users like the content on the search results. Managing over 5.6 billion searches per day, there is no way anybody could research and optimise the best content for each possible content topic that was being asked for online.

This brings us back to planning out your content SEO strategy for AU terms.

Our recommendations are: No matter how bad your website might load or look. If it has great content that are relevant to each searched terms, Google will consider giving you a chance to rank on page one.

How Do I Optimise Content for SEO?

The best way to look at this is typing your target keyword in to Google search. It will show auto suggested keywords it thinks is relevant to a user.

This drop down result shows us some relevant keyword you might consider talking about inside your content.

Next, once you typed your target keyword into Google and scrolling down to the bottom, most of the time there will be related searches. If this field is empty, it is possible that the keyword you are looking at has a very low search volume. For us, most of the time we don’t see any relevant keyword suggested by Google. We will skip this type of keywords.

By making sure there are relevant keywords suggested by Google and creating content that covers the suggested relevant words, we can go ahead and start with content creation part.


Creating Titles with SEO in mind That People Actually Click on

Page title is the most crucial part of SEO. You want title that people click on and title that helps Google to understand how relevant your content is to your target keywords.

Our suggestion is to try adding your main keyword at the very beginning of your title. Followed by your long keywords (variations) in between or at the back.



By doing so, we help Google to understand what we want to talk about on our page.



SEO Word Count vs Top Ranking AU Competitors

Something very good to know when optimising for Australian version of Google search is you don’t have to compete with search results from

Many topics are still unoptimised by Australian websites, that is why Google sometimes show non local websites in the search results.

We want to go to and look through the page one search results for our top keywords, in order to understand what type of content we needed to create.

If you find that your page 1 result is filled by unrelevant search results like forums, Q&A websites, facebook page or local directories. Chances are high that you can help your website to rank on page 1 or #1 with just great content.

We recommend to look out for keywords that have competing pages with below 500 words. This way it is very easy for us to create content that is better than everyone.

Once identified a a suitable target keyword, we recommend to aim at at least 1200 words to cover your topic. If 1200 words are not enough, we highly recommend to expand your content and increase to 3000-4000+ words if needed.

Fail / Success Advice: Do not take shortcuts with anything that is not your best effort for the content quality.

Add Images & Multimedia with SEO

It was proven beyond doubts that plain text pages are getting less love from Page 1 results. We recommend adding relevant images that are copyright free to your content. This helps reader to visualise your content in a better way and also improve the user retention rates.

Improve Internal Linking for SEO

Once your page is published, you want to make sure that Google bot can find it. Biggest mistakes we see is to publish a page and not helping Google to find it. Some people accidentally publish their pages in a deeper hierarchy, which makes it very difficult to impossible to find.

Our expert recommendation to solving this is have a recent or new published content feed on your homepage. This way your new page get an almost instant boost because of the internal link it receives from the homepage, which has the most authority, compared to any part of the website.

Tracking AU Ranking Results

We use tools to track specific Google search result pages. But to a beginner we want to highly recommend you using Google Search Console to track how your pages are performing online.

It is not 2012 anymore where everybody has to track their Google rankings. Now Google helps webmasters by giving us almost live ranking data on how our web pages are performing.

In order to use GSC (Google Search Console) you must first verify your website with it.

Why Do we recommend tracking SEO Keyword Rankings this way?

Some pages are ranking for literally thousands of keyword variation on one page. There is no way you want to spend money for external tools to track these when Google is already offering the data for free.