SEO Experts Melbourne

SEO Campaign always perform better with industry experts working on it.

SEO experts are exactly the person anybody new into Organic Search want to work with. Working with the right expert is more important than just choosing any expert for a consultant. Reasons why is that any body nowaday can call themselves an expert. This is why you want to ask for detail from their past campaigns. Normally these details are not revealed to the public because these are sensitive details.


Definition of an SEO Expert

SEO expert, also called SEO consultant or SEO specialist are indviduals with past experiences in working with ranking websites and web pages on search engines like Google. These experts typically know alot of shortcuts through the years of testing and researching, therefore helps anyone who works with a talented person to save time and investment while ranking their website or web properties higher on Google search.


What to look for when selecting an Expert in SEO

  • Time In SEO Industry
  • Experiences Of SEO Past Campaigns
  • Current SEO Result Of Past Campaigns
  • One Man Gang SEO Or Local Company With Infrastructure
  • SEO Targets And Expectations
  • Consultation On SEO Timeline
  • Expert Advices On Budget Friendly SEO Campaigns
  • Expert Tips On SEO In Melbourne
  • Reasons Why This Consultant Over Any Other SEO Companies In Sydney, Melbourne Or Perth
  • Consulting On Basic SEO Needs
  • Expert Advices On High Impact SEO Shortcuts


Success Driven SEO Services of an Expert

SEO consultants have plenty of experiences in their field. An expert consultant understands how the web is connected between different platforms such as youtube, facebook, twitter and the world wide web. This foundation is important and needed to understand a bigger picture of how the web is connected and could become if better connected. The core reason why Google wants everyone to work on SEO is to create a better world wide web with, providing most relevant pages in the top search results.

  • Content Strategy
  • On Site Analysis & Implementation Strategy
  • Off Site Analysis & Implementation Strategy
  • SEO Optimised Online Reputation Management
  • SEO Penalty Recovery
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • WordPress SEO
  • Shopify SEO



Time Spent as an Expert in SEO

SEO jobs are very popular nowadays. When hiring looking for SEO experts to join our team we mostly encounter individuals with only few years experience. This industry is currently always changing and ever evolving for better user experience in search.

Our opinion for anybody is to look for experienced industry experts who grew their knowledge with good and bad practises within the SEO industry.

Most of the time the only valuable lessons are learned through mistakes. These mistakes can be avoided for new websites to because of our learned lessons from the past. This is why we highly recommend to look for someone with many years of experiences in the search industry.

Our expert have individually over a decade of professional SEO experiences to bring their best into a new campaign.

Consultant Experiences from Past SEO Campaigns

Working in SEO industry, an experts sometimes faces countless challenges that can’t be solved.

  • what to do if client won’t approve content
  • what to do if there is no access to client website
  • what to do if client website got hacked
  • 6 months into an SEO campaign and no sign of performance
  • client got penalised by Google – what to do
  • etc

It crucial to know the complete game plane in creating successful SEO experiences for different types of local websites, small business website or ecommerce websites.

Consulting local clients with the right strategy is key to successful campaigns.

Current SEO Results Of Past Campaigns Managed by The Expert

SEO practises often get “OUTDATED” in the ever changing SEO industry because Google is pushing out updates everyday. When selecting a long term SEO strategy. An expert consultant wants to make sure not to select a strategy that can jeopardise the future of a business website.

The simplest way to check if this consultant mostly or always works with future proof strategies that delivers result is by looking at past campaigns performances at today’s standard.

One Man SEO Or Local SEO Agency With Infrastructure

As a client you receive better protection from the government when using digital services. There are great SEO expert out there that do not want to join or create a company for the sake of keeping their life simple to manage. They might be able to provide more competitive pricing because there is no overhead for infrastructure compared to an SEO agency in Melbourne.

Some SEO campaigns are ideal when working with a solo expert SEO consultant.

Complex SEO campaigns on the other hand are more suitable (to get work done appropriately) when working with a reliable local company with stable infrastructure.

Benefit of Working with a Team of Experts from One SEO company

All types of activities for improving SEO are done under the agency control. This way the rate of lower quality work can be eliminated.

One person SEO experts have to outsource most of the work because in order for one person to get all type of needed work done, he or she must work 24/7 to keep up with the demands.

Working with a agency that manages bigger campaigns, smaller ones end up getting the benefit of the shared resources such as customised SEO tools that helps to reduce costs for manual work.

A agency is more organised and has well rounded expertise in most areas of needed digital expertise (front end, back end, design, content, analytics)

KPI (key performance index) are better managed within a bigger company. This way, the agency is able to maintain a standard quality for SEO services.

Different types of SEO work are broken down to different individuals within the expert teams.

You don’t want to work with SEO consultants that need 1 week to call you back for something very urgent.

Expert Advice on SEO Targets And Expectations

Whether working with an SEO company or a single SEO expert, always set rough timeline with expectations to give you a rough overview of what is needed and results that can be expected.

Timelines can be used as such:

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, etc


For activities:

  • On Site Monitoring
  • Off Site Monitoring
  • Content Creation
  • Edits
  • Approval
  • Implementation


For Expectations:

  • tracking as we progress
  • # of impressions
  • # of Clicks
  • % of CTR


Consultation On SEO Timelines

Typically we find that most website has to improve their On Site content to match with Google’s SEO standard. The typical timeline we see for successful implementation can take years. Main reason is because of the content costs. Ideally we want to optimise and push as much high quality content live as fast as possible. Spending the later time monitoring and improving the fine details.

Besides Content, we want to fix on site issues as soon as possible after their discovery. Leaving issues untouched for longer time will not help to change online positioning on Google search.

On a perfect campaign that meets their needed budget, the typical timeline for results is 3-6 months to see improvements in SEO rankings. Performance will peak after 6-12 months after implementation. After month 12 we recommend to keep that momentum and expand the website with relevant topics in their niche to grow into an authority website in their industry.


Expert Advices On Budget Friendly SEO Campaigns

Experts have seen, the best longterm strategy that always end up showing the best results is great content.

Just focus on creating most amount of content with the best quality in the industry and over time (6-12 months after publishing) Google will send all its love to these pages.

Try not to confuse Google crawlers with complicated themes or website features that serves dynamic urls or even based on very outdated flash property.

Average Salary of an Expert in SEO Field

The salary of an SEO expert depends on their position within the team or company. A freelancer who is great ain doing repetitive tasks might charge $2-5 per hour while industry experts with proof of results from past work could charge anywhere from $100-500 per hour. What most client pay for here is the Intellectual Property this expert has collected over their years in this industry.


Expert Courses to Improve SEO

There are plenty of books and course out there, any so called expert can talk about SEO. The real experts are the ones that can show of results.

Don’t rely too much on experts who try to sell SEO knowledge rather than SEO results they have achived over their career. If past campaigns are still performing great, means your expert how to work on successfull longterm SEO strategies.

The next question you might want to ask is how to keep everything affordable, while seeing great results within a short time.

How to Become an Expert in SEO

The simplest advice we can give is to work on your website, rank it, show results to and hold proof as an expert that you are able to rank any or most web pages on the internet.