Buying SEO Package helps to save cost.

The best SEO packages are the ones that helps your website with what optimisation strategy it needs most. We design highly flexible packages to help keeping costs at an affordable rates for us.


Basic SEO Package includes

  • Keyword Research
  • On Site Audit
  • Landing Page Mapping
  • Technical SEO Improvements
  • Content Creation & Tweaks
  • Link Building
  • SEO Performance Monitoring


SEO Packages is Helping Experts and Clients

It is just the nature of SEO to keep optimising everything there is about the digital web. With so many possible elements available and an alway expanding industry, SEO can be very complex.

Campaigns packed in packages allows more better separation of selected optimisation strategies.

The most efficient packages are designed to be cost efficient and well performing each chosen strategy.

  • local SEO packages
  • national wide SEO packages
  • youtube SEO packages
  • map optimisation packages
  • content creation packages
  • online reputation management packages
  • ecommerce SEO packages

The most common SEO Packages are:

  • local SEO package
  • national wide SEO package
  • custom SEO package

How Local SEO Package Looks Like

Our local SEO packages helps new local business websites to reach high visibility on local search. With local, we mean location names whether its a big city or small suburb. Bigger cities locations are more difficult to rank for, but not impossible. Suburbs are less competitive, sometimes no competition. Clients with low or no competition can rank #1 for their keywords thats are relevant to services with basic optimisation strategies.

Important Web Elements for Local Optimisation:

  • Google My Business Page
  • Homepage
  • Service pages
  • local landing pages
  • contact us page
  • local directories
  • local relevant external websites
  • Content

Competitive locations requires a more complete optimisation strategy in order to rank well or outrank top competitors for.


Difference Between Local SEO package and National SEO package

One of the big main difference between a local and national package is the resource we need to complete all needed optimisation.

SEO companies could argue that local SEO is more easy versus national SEO.

We think its matter of strategy and to know when to do less to receive more.

SEO is always changing, experts with knowledge from past years and still holding to last years “working” strategies could lead clients into an outdated strategy, which means putting more efforts than needed.

From our tests, we see that Google now loves website with great content than ever before. This makes simple by focus almost all resources into improving content quality and expanding existing content topics. Remember, Google page 1 ranking is about delivering most relevant search results to the relevant search queries that users are typing into Google everyday.

These packages come with different pricing, because of the numbers of the activity each will have.

For more affordable campaigns, we recommend to ask your SEO expert for a customised package.

What are Custom SEO Package Tailored For?

Custom package are SEO activities that is tailored to your website needs. Experts have a faster way in finding out what optimisation websites are lacking in and are first to be focused on within a tailored SEO package. This will be guess work for non experts. Experts in our agency utilising SEO tools to find out the missing gap. Comparing lack of optimisation with recent tests and Google’s latest guidance helps to come up with the most suited, highly tarted optimisation strategy.


Pricing for SEO packages

Price highly depends on the numbers and complexity of the chosen activities. Typical price for cheapest packages starts at $100-$300 AUD.

Complex all inclusive competitive nationwide SEO package could cost from $500-$10,000+ AUD.

We want to help our clients by not doing the unnecessary. Going straight for the highest available price might not get you a package that can benefit you most.

Nothing is wrong against doing everything there is about SEO to ensure safety for future updates.


Monthly SEO Plans versus One off Package

SEO is more expensive when jumping from one activity to another without understanding the whole image before starting. A well planned campaign includes most if not all important elements needed to be optimised in order to flow well together at the end. This is why monthly packages are overall better prices when compared to pricing for individual optimisation activity in total.

Popular Monthly Plans are:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

Bigger packages / campaigns that are necessary for ecommerce websites, whether its for small businesses or corporate / enterprise. They often want the ability allocate yearly marketing budget ahead. This is why the monthly and yearly SEO packages are most favourable.

Well established websites also should maintain on the latest, updated and working strategy. This is very well covered with monthly packages. Agencies often only need to help with monitoring organic health of the website. These kind of packages are less expensive or time intensive.


Professionally Managed Packages

All our packaged SEO services are managed by experts with Australian cross industry experience. The expertise of past managed campaigns ranges from improving new website to become local authorities to help websites to recover from recent Google penalties. Part of the managed services includes monitoring, strategising and communication on the best working activity to help improve a campaign.


Optimisation Package for Youtube

  • Monitor and Improve Performance
  • optimising past and recent published videos
  • youtube video element optimisation
  • copyright monitoring
  • duplication take downs
  • channel backup / restoration system


Ecommerce Website Optimisation Package

Ecommerce website have different needs. SEO is more focused on highlighting products and brands versus services or locations.

Our ecommerce SEO package helps to cover the basic – advance ecommerce needs:

  • faster loading ecommerce website already helps to win some SEO
  • structured data that helps Google to highlight products and brands on search results
  • content that educate users and help Google to understand the context
  • off site authority that boots the right signals


Package Glossary

One might wonder the meaning of technical terms that were used. Below is a glossary to explain this in more details.


SEO Packages help improve organic rankings on search engines like Google.


We offer SEO services in different packages. They come with different pricing and activities. Each package is designed fit most type of websites with specific optimisation needs.

  • On Site
  • Off Site
  • Link Building
  • Content Writing
  • Website Coding Optimisation
  • Hosting Optimisation
  • Penalty Recovery
  • Keyword Research


Website & SEO

SEO Packages are designed help blogs, small business websites, ecommerce websites or corporate websites to improve in online search visibility on Google.

Penalty Recovery

Sudden drop in ranking often means you organic rankings have been penalised by Google. This can happen through a manual penalty or algorithm penalty.

Penalty recovery packages are cheaper vs hiring an consulting to look into this issue. Our penalty recovery package helps to quickly identify core issues that can be improved quickly.

Digital Marketing

SEO Packages can be considered as part of Digital Marketing. By improving the overall search visibility on Google, chances are increased to be found on relevant search terms.


Our packages are managed by experienced in house staff to keep the standard we are looking for.


The packages are designed to help with search engine optimisation. Part of the optimisation is to improve all connected web elements there are.

Small Business

SEO Packages are budget friendly for businesses with smaller budgets. Instead of investing big amount of resources into one activity. We offer packages for clients to choose when needed or suited to their situations.


Resellers have the biggest benefit from our SEO Packages. It helps to provide an simple to manage solution for many type of SEO campaigns, which makes reselling SEO services more easy.


The best packages  are the ones that are most suited to the website needs. When having trouble finding a suitable package, please reach out to us to find the best package for you.


Our services packaged in for different needs. They come with different pricing. The cost for each package depends on the activity and expertise needed to improve SEO as planned.

Costs for writer, developer, analyst or system admin are not the same.


Pricing for our packages are fixed. We already want to offer the best pricing to our clients.


Some packages are more affordable when split into monthly activities.


Cheap packages are not always the greatest. We understand that sometimes we can be on a really tide budget. We can help making your SEO cheap or cheaper by finding low costs activities that helps you most in SEO. Simply reach out to us.


Free services are great. In order to keep our office and allow our team to pay for their expenses, there have to be some sort of exchange.


Most clients decide to subscribe to monthly SEO package in order to improve their organic performance on a budget friendly way. Each month we work on the highest impact activities. Monthly packages are manage by our account managers. We report our activities on the dashboard that you will be receiving access to.


Our Search Optimisation Packages help websites to improve in search engine rankings throughout Australia and New Zealand for local and broad keywords.

  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • NZ
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Australia


  • Sri Lanka
  • Singapore
  • London
  • Malaysia
  • Los Angeles
  • India
  • Florida