Take opportunity to become Australian SEO Reseller and start to sell expert services to your clients with a white label solutions.

Proven SEO Reseller services are packaged to fit Australian clients in any size. We work with a wide range of local businesses, from local pest control business to national bank SEO campaign targeting the most difficult keywords in the internet “loans”. We are confident to deliver transparent and efficient services to you and your clients. 

Chances are high that you are here because you have tried outsourcing SEO in the past and not been too happy about it. SEO services we choose to provide are reliable and Google update proof.


Benefits in using our SEO Reseller Program

The benefits are clear to our partner agencies why they choose us instead of any competitor. Our goal is to help building successful business model that last a long time.

With that in mind, our SEO strategies are tested and based on the latest results we find to work best with Google and it’s future updates.

improve the web with SEO


Highlights from our Reseller program:

  • White Label SEO Dashboard
  • SEO Reseller Packages
  • SEO Report
  • On Site Report
  • Off Site Report
  • 10 Years SEO experience
  • In House Experts
  • Office in Melbourne, Australia

Our partner agencies use our reseller services to sell SEO in different cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Geelong

Affordable SEO Reseller Packages

Integral Media Melbourne offers all in one solution for any digital marketing startup. Working with a wide range of clients across Australia, we help local businesses with our SEO Reseller packages.

Minimising Costs

Our reseller price provides an affordable solutions to clients in Australia by minimising not needed low impact SEO work. This way we see results quicker, which also helps to up-sell your client to more campaign activities.


White Labelled SEO Dashboard

Our dashboard are simple and yet have all needed data to get the best insights on how an SEO campaign is progressing. The dashboard allows customisation and html embeds for simple feature enhancements.


SEO Report

We keep our dashboard updated with monthly reports and progress on planned tasks.


On Site SEO

Part of our SEO Reseller package is to analyse and correct On Site SEO issues we encounter during the health check. Implementation or how we can work together with client development team on implementing SEO suggestions is flexible.


Off Site SEO

Our Off Site SEO strategy relies on a safe long term method to rank on Google. With over 10 years experience in this industry. We are very aware of what is working and not working with each Google updates.

We do in depth testings to analyse and understand what SEO strategy performs best in Australia and also holds up on coming future Google updates.


10 Years SEO experience

Many SEO companies in Australia have tried and failed. We are in this industry over a decade. New companies don’t have foundational understanding of SEO, which is our advantage.


In House Experts

Our SEO experts are all in house. We don’t rely on external expertise because anybody in Australia can say anything about SEO. Our house SEO experts helps to maintain the level of quality we want to give into each client campaign.


Experienced Writers

We have an experienced team mixed of Australian and non Australian writers.  We currently provide content in the following industries.

  • legal
  • home improvements
  • health
  • ecommerce
  • digital
  • bank
  • insurance

Because we see content as the most important part of any SEO campaign. Our content creation and approval system is very comprehensive to avoid delays from our end.

Most of the time delays are introduced by our clients. We recommend all clients to respond as fast as possible to content review and approval requests from us. This ending up helps the campaign perform fastest possible.


Office in Melbourne

Come by to say hi to our team in Melbourne.


SEO Packages Suitable to Target all Locations in Australia

Our reseller packages are built to rank Australian websites on Australia’s most popular search engine.