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Define SEO

SEO is about connecting Search Users to Content They Are Looking for.

By saying so, SEO in no way should be using “force” in order to cut up the queues to the top of search engine result pages.

Google’s natural way in allowing new pages to rank for highly popular search terms is to identify and separate great content from average content. It then tests the data over a time period of up to 9 months to find the most suitable page 1 contender. Maybe we now diving into too many details.

How Does SEO Work

SEO works in a mysterious way. The only insights SEO expert has are the patents that Google has and the public advice from Google Webmaster Hangouts. Recently Google has improved their guidance system and have added more Youtube videos and materials that can help a new webmaster understand the priorities of where to focus on in order to improve SEO.

In basics, Google wants webmasters to focus on the core fundamentals of delivering the best possible User Experience. User Experience is a mix of Content Experience, Branding and Web design. One company could overdo one or the other.

The top of Google search results are filled with over time tested web pages that showed the right signals to deserve to be on the top. Depending on what each Google update prefers over time, some top ranking results might be stuck on top forever or will be switch up over time.

What are SEO services?

SEO services are different “optimisation” one can do in order to improve the understanding or the rankings of certain web pages on Google search results. These services can come in form of a single service in a specific area or as a package.  Most popular SEO service starts with an SEO audit. The most challenging part of an SEO service is to know what to do and what not to do in order to improve the results based on a target that was previously set.

SEO services can come affordably cheap or very expensive, this depends on who the company/agency or expert will be to work on the services.

What are SEO packages?

SEO packages are a bunch of different SEO services bundled up in a package together. Packages allow more affordable pricing as a whole, but not always the best option if you don’t need what’s inside the package.

Affordable SEO packages are only affordable if you can select what you need and what you don’t need within that package. This way you save your investment for the things you really need.

Custom SEO packages can give a better solution if your agency is willing to adjust to your needs.

What is a slug

A slug is the page URL that anyone can copy or click or load in a browser. Slugs can be optimised for SEO. SEO friendly URL / slugs should be short and easy to remember, so online users can type them in manually if they can remember.

We recommend slugs to have mostly the main targeted keywords in them. Avoid over optimised slugs, especially if you have your keyword in your website domain already.