SEO Services Improves Google Rankings

The world wide web is filled with pages that might be relevant to what we are looking for.
Google does a lot of work, filtering out low-quality pages or search results and delivers us the best search result we might want.

There are so many elements of a website that Google crawler goes through and rates.
Based on their internal score, the most suitable web pages are then pushed to rank on top of the search results.
Each searched keyword on Google has its own database filled with the most relevant results.
To a regular Google search user, the results might feel similar. In reality, these are completely different pages or websites.

Google applies on average 500 adjustments each year to its global search engine. Some changes are rolled out over few weeks.
Some changes are being tested and then rolled back, if the results don’t match what the engineers are looking for.

Our expert at Integral Media worked on this for a decade already. We design specific SEO services, some services come as SEO packages.
Our services are designed to help new website to be on the latest Google guideline.

Website Audit

This service is suitable for new website. It gives technical overview of what a website is  missing in term of what is possible with SEO optimisation.

Keyword Research

We research your services, products, online competitors, visitors to get a better understand what keyword holds the highest chance for you to convert into sales.

Strategy Consultation

Our local expert goes through the strategy we developed based on our finding from the keyword research and website audit services.

So you can understand everything important and make your decision.

Website Change Approval

Before any of our On Site suggestion is applied, we always ask you for approval. This is to avoid any miss communication and avoid problems that might appear later on.

Local SEO optimisation

Local SEO services are designed to increase search rankings for local keywords. Part of this campaign is setting up local landing page for each suburb, maxing out the number of possible local citations and local outreach.

Google My Business (GMB) Optimisation

Desktop Optimisation

Off Site Optimisation

Citation Campaign

On Site Optimisation

Content Creation

Website Loading Time Speed Up

Mobile Optimisation

Linkbuilding through Outreach

Local Outreach Campaign

Global Outreach Campaign

Strategy review and monitoring