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Wide Range of Digital Marketing Services

Unlike many search marketing companies, we use bespoke talent in each area of our digital marketing services, our experience and knowledge distinguish our agency of seasoned professionals. If you aren’t sure that your website is operating at peak efficiency, our team can conduct a site analysis of on-page and off-page search engine optimisation, help craft and curate content for the national and/or local press and recommend technical upgrades to maximise your SEO efforts.

Double Doses of Digital Marketing Services

Our approach to search engine marketing services employs both pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Both are essential for maximum success in promoting your website. PPC efforts can begin delivering strong results immediately while we work to build a strong SEO profile to optimise organic searches.



SEO Techniques

Building a strong SEO profile doesn’t happen overnight, and your efforts must include on-site and off-site optimisation. That means using competitive keywords, organising your site logically for easy navigation and using appropriate HTML language. Off-site techniques include getting listed in appropriate online directories, posting content in the right forums, attracting ‘high-quality’ links and other techniques.

PPC Management

Our specialist team of experts highly recommends PPC campaigns because your advertising will appear in search results immediately, and you only pay if a browser clicks through on your advert. This allows you to track conversions, experiment with keywords and refine your generic SEO strategy for maximum results. This is one of the best ways to reach your audience without employing scattershot advertising techniques that may or may not work.

Link-Building Strategy

Building links requires a definite strategy, and most amateur marketers don’t understand what’s really important. Instead of focusing exclusively on link-building strategies, you should concentrate on providing great content and user experiences. Once you succeed in creating value with your site and brand, you’ll attract more quality links.

Content Marketing Management

The strongest way to enhance your website’s medium- and long-term SEO profile is to write and post compelling, interesting and shareable content. We can help you do this and recommend how to publicise the content so that your targeted customers will link to your articles. Regardless of whether you use the national press or local blogs, publishing useful content directly drives site visitors and raises your website’s profile in search engines.

Social Media Management

Our team of social media specialists can curate your marketing strategy by taking control of the messages you post across the different networks and refining them to match the audiences you’re trying to reach. Whether your customers come from Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Snapchat, we can refine your approach and craft a bespoke message that complements your brand.

Analytics Consulting

We help you understand the technical details of how customers use your website, measure your results across marketing platforms, monitor any available feedback and recommend informed marketing decisions based on analytics.

CRO Management

One area that’s critical to address is conversion rate optimisation, or CRO. If your visitors don’t convert, there’s something wrong. We monitor and analyse your results and recommend changes to maximise your results and conversion rates for various products and areas of your site.

Providing Unique and Bespoke Services

Our expert team understands that each business is unique, so we provide various digital marketing services to suit your specific needs. We offer one-off service or ongoing marketing services based on your needs. We recommend an integrate PPC, SEO and social media campaign for the best results, but we’re happy to address any specific area where you feel that you need improvements. At Integral Media, our driving concept if to provide a consistent and strong return on your advertising investment with friendly and professional account management services.



Tell Us How We Can Help

There is no such thing as a standardised marketing package because each business is unique. We’ll review your website, on-page and off-page SEO practices and PPC campaigns after you tell us what you think you need. We’ll then provide our best recommendations based on your needs.

Contact us today at Integral Media for a consult on how we can help your business achieve its goals and maximise its online marketing.