Get most out of any WordPress website by implementing SEO from the very start.

For the best WordPress SEO experience on Google we want to start off a light WordPress setup with a theme that is optimised with essential SEO requirements. SEO by itself is not difficult if we think of ways to include all website elements with best SEO experience from start. Like building a house with solid foundations from start. It is very difficult to change foundation of a house after it was build.

building a house

Selecting SEO optimised WordPress Themes

WordPress comes with free themes which works perfectly for SEO. Make sure to keep these and the WordPress engine always updated to avoid getting hacked due outdated version of wp engine or WP theme, same goes to wp plugins.

Biggest SEO mistakes when choosing a theme

Is to choose something that is highly complex to setup and to maintain. Burying each element very deep within the website itself that almost no one is able to understand what part of the website belongs to where.

Parallex WordPress themes (1 page design) likes to pull contents from post or different elements of WordPress itself. This makes it very difficult for a beginner to find where to find the exact location of the content to edit, if needed.

Work with What We Have to Improve SEO

Google already solved the basics in making SEO accessible to anybody by giving priority to the content that search user can experience on the web.

We are pointing this out because majority of the online search traffic are sent to website with great content. Not necessarily website with the best designs.

Focus and invest more into content and improving user experience doest cost anything if you write content on your own.

Ways Improve SEO without WordPress Plugins

We can improve huge part of SEO by optimising content to be better compared to our competitions.

Possible area we can focus on are:

  • Useful information
  • Summary
  • Shortcuts
  • Experience
  • Not selling too hard with commercial content
  • Attractive images that are relevant
  • Social media embeds
  • Videos

Helpful SEO WordPress Plugin

Plugins are huge time saver when used correctly. We hope our list helps to make your WordPress SEO more simple.

Yoast SEO

The one plugin we always use is Yoast SEO plugin. We mainly use this to adjust title tags and meta descriptions.

Fast velocity Cache

Next we have cache plugins that helps to manage web element optimisation. Most of the time Fast Velocity Cache works for us.

Bunny CDN

We like to use bunnycdn as our main provider as content delivery network. Their service are one of the fastest on the web with really competitive pricing.

They have a WordPress plugin that connects your website with their interface, which makes a very easy setup.

Best WordPress SEO Tips

  • Noindex automatically generated pages
  • Improve internal linking
  • Focus on content and user experience

WordPress SEO Checklist

  • Remove thin content pages
  • Remove duplicate content pages
  • Improve pages with average page rank beyond 1 to be better than your competitors
  • Improve title tag for each page
  • Improve first sentences of each page to be most relevant about your topic. Ideally summarise your page
  • Avoid creating huge chunks of text, work with headers, subheaders, images, etc.

Common Questions About WordPress and SEO

How to add SEO to WordPress

Feel free to check out our SEO checklist above.

how to make seo friendly website in wordpress

  • Keep all website elements super simple
  • Create Fast loading website for mobile and desktop