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We help small local businesses throughout Australia improving their SEO.Online and local SEO consultants are the Google experts in digital agencies. They have the ability to translate technically difficult to understand terms into an easy to understand conversation for a non expert.

Working with the right SEO consultant is more important than just choosing anybody for the job. Almost anybody now can call themselves an expert after reading a book about SEO. This is why you want to ask your consultant for details about their past projects and current it’s results. Normally these details are not revealed to the public because these can have sensitive details.

Consultant Prices & Rates

SEO consultant price ranges anywhere from $10-400 USD per hour. Consultancy price depends on the activity within the campaign.

We are able to help reducing prices on the type services that can be worked on in bulk. SEO rates will always depend on the type of work and skill required to finish the work with the standard we have setup.

Types of Consulting Fee

SEO Consultant Fee is part of an SEO campaign. Our consultant will work out the most suitable SEO strategy with a what to be predictable timeline how soon you are able to see results or improvements in performance.

Businesses that didn’t sign up for SEO plans, we have on off SEO services that can be counted as SEO Consultant Fee. These can be On Site Report, Website Analysis, Competitor Analysis, SEO Timeline Planning, etc. Because these are more like a report and not getting anything done to improve SEO.  We normally don’t recommend to start with these type of services.

Ideally, our consulting fee is part of the SEO campaign.

Benefits of Working with Experienced Consultants

SEO consultant are great at many SEO related activities. Depending on experience all consultant are good in different levels at different types of activities.

To solve high impact issues quickly, work with experienced consultants with good local reviews that you know are difficult or impossible to fake.

Ecommerce Consultant

Ecommerce SEO consultant focuses on visibility of products pages on Google.

Google makes use of structured data inside each product page to help display it better on search results. A consultant can help to find issues with existing element and help improve potentials for better online visibility.

Ecommerce SEO can be a big project for any SEO consultant. This is why depending on the type of task or planned SEO activities. an Ecommerce strategy will be executed within a team that is most suited to the type of work. The team is in steady communication with the consultant and consultant steady updates with the client.

WordPress Consultant

Experienced WordPress SEO consultants can help to efficiently improve online visibility in a minimum time. Working with wordpress websites on a daily basis helps to know the best time saving shortcuts there is.

Freelancer vs Company based Consultants

When hiring an consultant to improve your SEO campaign. Look for their past work experiences, ask in details how the expert solved problems for particular projects and why they have chosen the specific types of strategy in the past.

Past performance can quickly get outdated very fast with new Google updates. Also ask for details on how longevity of a campaign can be maintained. This is something non experienced consultant will have trouble going into. The

Country Wide Consulting Services

  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Gold Coast
  • Canberra

Cities – Consulting Services are Most Beneficial:

Local SEO have higher demands in populated areas. This makes highly populated cities and suburbs very beneficial for SEO. An expert consultant understands which area have lesser online competition and are more worth time spending improving SEO on first.

  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong
  • Logan City
  • Geelong
  • Hobart
  • Townsville
  • Cairns
  • Toowoomba
  • Darwin
  • Rockingham
  • Launceston
  • Bendigo
  • Ballarat
  • Mandurah
  • Mackay
  • Bundaberg
  • Bunbury
  • Maitland
  • Armadale
  • Rockhampton
  • Adelaide Hills
  • South Brisbane
  • Hervey Bay
  • Reservoir
  • Tamworth
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Albury
  • Berwick
  • Port Macquarie
  • Queanbeyan
  • Orange
  • Blacktown
  • Shepparton
  • Caloundra
  • Hoppers Crossing
  • Werribee
  • Melton
  • Castle Hill
  • Saint Albans
  • Nowra

Consulting in Melbourne

Melbourne is the ideal location for our SEO consultants to have face to face meetings with you or your business. Ideally you could visit our office to run through what is needed a successful SEO strategy.

Online Services

Work of an SEO consultant can be performance online. Consultants are able to provide expertise on SEO through online services. Unlike traditional profession, this new type of job started to grow as Google search was growing after the year 2000. Nowadays we can find any type of consulting services, including SEO, Web Design, Ads Management and many countless more.

Consultant’s Salary

A junior consultant who just started SEO earns about $4000 AUD in salary. Expert consultant salary on the other hand can go over $10,000 AUD per month. Yearly salary earning this would mean $~120,000 AUD.

The Cost of Working with an Consultant

The cost of hiring one consultant for improving SEO on a blog page or website is not the same. To provide a fair pricing, most SEO consultant now offer hourly rates for their activities. Depending what you need to get the job done, cost varies.

Fair Rates

Depending on Experiences and Skillset, an Consultant that that is specialised in SEO can earn anywhere from $10 AUD per hour to $300 AUD per hour.  The consultant’s salary heavily depends on the number of client the consultant is taking on. Complexity of each SEO project or campaign is different.

Fair Charges

A modern consultant charges by the hours based on the planned activities that was being offered / suggested to a client.

Consulting at Cheapest

Cheap consultants can be found practically everywhere. Almost every body will tell you they know how to do SEO. We highly advice you to stay away from cheap solutions without understanding the whole picture. An experienced consultant will be able to explain the big picture SEO and break it down into foundations that helps you understand why you should invest into SEO step by step.

Freelance Rates

Freelance consultant hourly rates for SEO is the same as the ones working for agencies. We highly advice to work with reputable consultants only. Working with unexperienced freelance consultants might cause negative performance. Reputable are more bounded by local regulations, this helps to protect client and consultant.

Consultant’s Tools

Our consultant uses a wide arrange of SEO tools. Most unfortunately are paid subscriptions based.

  • ahrefs
  • majestic
  • semrush
  • screaming frog
  • link assistant

Developing a Suitable Business Plan

Our consultant lays out the SEO business plan with a timeline of 2-4 years. When doing SEO, everyone can agree that search engine optimisation is a long term strategy. When developing a business plan for SEO, we set progress and efficiency in executing on planned activities as KPIs. Your consultant should be providing an ideal business model that suits your business.

What Makes a Great Consultant

The best SEO Consultant are the ones with long time proven experiences and are willing to put their expertise to work for a fair amount of money. It is difficult to find such a consultant service nowadays because most good ones have enough clients. The ones that provide great services with a great price often want to proof themselves in the industry and collect great reviews in order to grow their business model.

B2B Consultant

Consultants who are specialised in b2b SEO are just like any experts in other industries. They are great at what they do most. Our agency consults a wide range of local businesses, b2b are one of them.

Consultant Services for Photographers

We worked with many photography businesses in the past. Most important part to know about SEO and photography website is images are the content. Unlike most websites online where most part of the contents are written. Photography business websites have images as content. These need to be optimised the right way in order to help Google understand your online content. An experienced consultant can quickly see what a photograper’s website is missing out and suggest high impact changes that can be implement most efficiently.


Q: Are Consultant Expensive?

A: Our services starts at an hourly rate of $40 AUD per hour. We always plan out the most important activities that help your website on Google. Depending how well your website is optimised to rank for your terms. Few hours might just be all you need.

Q: What Does an Consultant Do?

A: SEO Consultant have experiences in SEO and Sales. They understand how SEO can help improve business revenue from online visitors and are able to translate this knowledge into simple words, so a non SEO person also can understand the benefits.

Q: How to Find an Consultant?

A: Simple reach out to us by phone (03) 8678 1709 , email or via our online contact forms. Don’t forget to mention what your website url is, so we can help checking what the website might missing for more online success.

Q: How to Negotiate with an Consultant?

A: To really get the best price for a reliable service. First you want to understand what your consultant is suggesting. Asks about how other agencies are improving their SEO and why the ones you talk to might be better.

Q: How to Start an Consultant Business?

A: Start becoming an SEO consulting by joining our White Labelled SEO Reseller Program. We help you to understand the most important foundations of SEO and online marketing.


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Alex Morrison has been an SEO expert for over 10 years. In this time he has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including home improvement, financial support and health care. As the owner of Integral Media he is now utilising his knowledge and experience with his rapidly increasing client portfolio to help them achieve their business goals.

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