• The significance of mobile responsiveness for SEO
  • Impact of mobile-first indexing on search rankings

Understanding Mobile Responsiveness

  • Definition and importance of mobile-responsive design
  • Overview of responsive vs adaptive design

The Role of Mobile Responsiveness in SEO

  • Google’s mobile-first indexing explained
  • How mobile responsiveness affects search engine rankings

Designing for Mobile Responsiveness

  • Principles of mobile-friendly design
  • Flexible layouts and fluid grids
  • Touch-friendly navigation and buttons

Optimising Content for Mobile

  • Best practices for mobile content readability
  • Importance of concise content and clear calls-to-action
  • Techniques for optimising images and media on mobile devices

Technical Aspects of Mobile Responsiveness

  • Using responsive web design (RWD) techniques
  • Importance of viewport configuration
  • Implementing scalable vector graphics (SVGs) for better scalability

Testing and Improving Mobile Responsiveness

  • Tools for testing mobile responsiveness
  • Common issues in mobile-responsive design and how to address them

Enhancing User Experience on Mobile

  • Speed optimisation strategies for mobile users
  • Addressing mobile usability issues
  • The role of AMP in improving mobile user experience

Mobile SEO Strategies

  • Local SEO considerations for mobile users in Australia
  • Mobile keywords and voice search optimisation
  • Creating a seamless user journey across devices

The Future of Mobile Responsiveness

  • Emerging trends in mobile web design
  • The importance of staying ahead in mobile SEO


  • Recap of the critical role of mobile responsiveness in SEO
  • Encouragement to prioritise mobile-friendly design for optimal search engine performance