• Importance of website architecture and crawlability for SEO
  • How these factors influence search engine indexing and user experience

Understanding Website Architecture

  • Definition and components of effective website architecture
  • The role of site hierarchy in navigation and SEO

Principles of SEO-Friendly Website Design

  • Best practices for designing a website with SEO in mind
  • Importance of a logical structure for enhancing user experience and crawlability

Improving Site Navigation

  • Strategies for creating intuitive and SEO-friendly navigation
  • The impact of breadcrumb navigation on SEO and user experience

The Role of Internal Linking

  • Importance of internal linking in website architecture
  • Best practices for using internal links to improve site crawlability and distribute page authority

Optimising URL Structure

  • Characteristics of a clean, SEO-friendly URL structure
  • Tips for creating descriptive and keyword-rich URLs

Leveraging Sitemaps for Better Indexation

  • The difference between XML and HTML sitemaps and their purposes
  • How sitemaps aid search engines in crawling and indexing your website

Utilising Robots.txt for Crawler Guidance

  • Overview of robots.txt and how it directs search engine crawlers
  • Best practices for configuring robots.txt to enhance site crawlability

Handling Duplicate Content Issues

  • Strategies for avoiding and managing duplicate content
  • The role of canonical tags in addressing duplicate content

Mobile Responsiveness and SEO

  • The significance of mobile responsiveness in website architecture
  • How mobile design influences crawlability and indexing

Speed Optimisation and Crawlability

  • The impact of website speed on crawlability and user experience
  • Tips for improving site speed to facilitate better indexing

Advanced Structured Data Implementation

  • Enhancing site architecture with structured data for rich snippets
  • The benefits of structured data for search visibility and crawlability

Auditing Your Site for Crawlability Issues

  • Tools and techniques for conducting crawlability audits
  • Identifying and fixing common crawlability issues


  • Recap of the critical importance of website architecture and crawlability for SEO
  • Encouragement to continuously evaluate and improve these aspects for optimal search engine visibility