Covid-19: Our Message to Australian Business Owners

With the wave of unprecedented changes taking place during this time, this has called for business owners to adapt in ways they would have never even imagined before. It’s a truly confusing and testing time, however there is a silver lining to all of this. 

With the right strategies and an openness to change, so many businesses hold the potential to ride through and stay afloat even in these turbulent times. 

As a Melbourne-based digital marketing agency, we’ve also encountered the impacts of this virus. Some industries are being hit more than others, but we’d like to stress that no matter what your business offers, it’s clear – now more than ever – how important it is to be present and reachable online. 

Whether it’s through setting up online versions of their products/services, supplying deliveries, or staying connected with your audience via social media or e-newsletters, the opportunities are there. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean investing your business in digital marketing and consulting services. If anything, we understand not all businesses have the resources and flexibility to do so. What we are trying to emphasise is that all businesses should look towards ways they can capture their target audience and customers online, no matter how difficult this may seem. 

Now is a time for support – to all Australian businesses and workers. We are all navigating through this worrying time, but by better leveraging online strategies, your business can ride through these concerning times and in the end, come out the other side in a much stronger position than ever before. 

Lastly, from the team at Integral Media, we hope everyone remains safe, healthy and well.