The ‘link building’ we do is carried out by online PR specialists and innovative content marketers. This ensures that your brand receives high quality links and referrals, and exposure to the appropriate audience.

Enhancing social signals and links is essential for every website that needs to rank highly in the search engine listings. Interestingly, the phrase ‘link building’ is rather outdated, because it relates to the practice of drawing links in, instead of ‘building’ them.

These days, Google uses over 200 signals to determine the order of its’ search results. Nonetheless, hyperlinks remain one of the key signals to increase a website’s visibility.

We will devise a content and marketing strategy for your website that will attract the right type of links. A good marketing campaign will engage the intended audience, boost brand awareness, and give your website authority to increase its’ ranking.

The Best 8 Link-building Tips That Improves SEO Rankings

The link building services we offer underpin our SEO methodology. Our innovative team will help you to identify your marketing goals, pinpoint key influencers and audiences in your sector, and formulate an approach to draw them in via PR, outreach and content. We work with third party and in house marketing professionals for a multi faceted agency approach.

Typically, we recommend an audit of your current link profile, prior to building links. Frequently, we discover unnatural and manipulative links from past work, which might be creating issues now or might at a later date.

#2 Content Advertising

The key to every successful advertising campaign is captivating content, and our creative team have devised content strategies for top brands. We employ talented designers, developers and writers, who oversee the whole process of content production.

Our Internet PR specialists have relationships with bloggers, publishers, influencers and journalists in multiple sectors the world over. They help to devise PR strategies, which work on the web to draw links in and work offline as well.

#3 Outreach Strategies

Our team of outreach specialists works closely with our PR and creative teams. They foster close ties with bloggers and journalists, to connect the campaigns with the content. We understand the effectiveness of personal and targeted communication.

#4 Writing and Blogging

We really enjoy writing. We employ our own innovative writers, who create content that stirs people’s emotions and gets them interested in your brand. Also, we have relationships with many freelancers, who have expertise in several industries.

#5 Infographic Production

Infographics are only useful if they have a purpose. Our design team works with our content and SEO teams to create and design striking infographics, which get shared throughout the Internet.

#6 Engaging Content

We always invest in content that makes a statement. Whether it is engaging content, games or quizzes, our development and design team loves to generate content that leaps out at people from the screen.

#7 Linkbait

We are highly experienced, when it comes to producing edgy content that strikes a chord with people. Recently, we produced the most shared item of content relating to the year’s most talked about news feature. You will need to talk to us to learn more about this!

#8 Promotion on Social Media

In future, the search engines will assign greater importance to the role of social signals in their algorithms. This is why it is crucial to engage with relevant communities and audiences via this medium.

The Services we Offer

At Integral Media, we do not provide ‘link building packages’ per se. Instead, our knowledgeable marketing team will devise a customized link building campaign and strategy with you, so that people become interested in your brand.

We take a transparent approach to our work, consulting with our customers to get the best results. We always focus on creating natural link profiles, which will produce sustainable results over the long run.

The pricing model for our building link services shares similarities with our SEO campaigns. We charge a daily rate, based on the timeframe required, your circumstances, your goals and the level of competition.

Get in touch with us immediately, if you would like to learn more about how our services can benefit your business.