Blogging is one of the best ways of building your brand authority and getting ranked on the search engines, but that is not enough. To take your SEO blogging strategy to the next level, you need to start guest posting on various platforms. What exactly is a guest post, what are its benefits, and how can you go about it? Here’s everything you need to know about guest posting.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting or guest blogging is one of the most underrated content marketing and SEO techniques that can significantly contribute to your brand’s digital marketing strategy. It is where you write and publish blogs on third-party websites with higher SERP ratings and authority than your website. A guest blog is a way to build brand authority and awareness and show the search engines that your brand’s website is relevant and authoritative, thereby boosting its SERP rankings.

Guest blogging not only benefits your business, but it also benefits the third-party website where it is being published. Guest post opportunities give third-party hosting websites to generate relevant high-quality content—often for free—that helps them keep their readers engaged and boost their SEO ranking.

Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Many brands and businesses tend to overlook guest blogging, but they are making a mistake. Guest posting has untapped potential, and it is quickly becoming the go-to choice for digital marketers around the world. Here are some of the reasons why guest blogging is essential for your business.

One of the primary motives of guest blogging on third-party websites is backlinking. When you publish your blog on the hosting website, you get to leave a link or two that directs the readers back to your website. The hosting website has tremendous authority and search engine ranking, and when it links to your website, it proves to the search engines that your website’s content is credible and authoritative. As a result, your website gets to build more brand authority and ratings.

Exposes Your Brand to Targeted Traffic

The hosting website already has more traffic and readership compared to your website. When you post your blog on the hosting website, you get to expose your brand to a broader audience. This, paired with backlinks, help you redirect some of the targeted traffic to your website.

Earns Your Brand Social Shares

In recent years, repurposing content has become one of the essential techniques for digital marketing. So, the third-party website hosting your blog will likely share the blog on its social media and tag you in guest posts. This way, just like web traffic, you get to earn more social media shares and followers for your brand.

Improves Your Brand’s Online Awareness

The more people read your blogs and follow you on social media, the more online awareness you generate for your business. So, guest blogging can tremendously help build your brand’s online awareness, especially if you guest post on a website with tremendous followers.

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How Do I Get Started With Guest Blogging?

Your business needs guest blogging, but it is not just about approaching any random supposedly high-authority website and asking them to post your content. There’s a lot more that goes into guest blogging. Here are the steps you need to take to get started with guest blogging.

Determine Your Goals for Guest Blogging

Your goals are crucial; without a clear goal in mind, guest blogging is not so useful. Your primary goals with guest posting can include the following:

●        Positioning your brand as an authority

●        Increasing your brand’s exposure and online traffic

●        Building backlinks to your website

Ideally, you should choose to aim for all three.

Look for Guest Posting Opportunities

Once you have determined your goals, the next step is to look for relevant guest post opportunities on the internet. The hosting website or blog you choose must meet the following criteria:

●        Its content must be focussed on your niche or industry, or at least be related to your business

●        Its audience should be interested in your industry or the services you offer

●        The blog must have a consistent and engaged readership

Now, there are a few ways to look for guest post opportunities for your business. The easiest way to find them is to search keywords like submit a guest post, guest post, guest post by, accepting guest posts, guest post guidelines, and pair these keywords with your industry keywords.

Since it is best to find platforms with strong root domain authority, the simple way to find guest post opportunities is using SEO moz toolbar to search for the right platforms. You can also use Open Site Explorer to find your competitors’ backlinks.

How to Start Guest Posting

If you approach a brand with a cold email with your guest posting pitch, they might ignore it. You need to be smart about it. You need the right pitch, and here’s how you can do that.

Analyse the Platform

Get to know that website by looking at the kind of blogs they publish, their target audience, their social media, what type of content they prefer, etc. You should also find the most trending posts with high content qualily that have the highest engagement and readership. Next, you need to go through their guest posts and see what kind of content guest posters are publishing and which ones are trending. This will help you get familiar with their expectations regarding guest posters. You can use this knowledge to develop your pitch.

Use the Right Guest Posting Pitch

Using the knowledge, you should approach your target hosting websites and offer to guest post on their websites. Remember, they may take time or keep you on hold if they deem your offering unsuitable for the time being. To avoid this, you should pitch at the right time; here are some of the best times to pitch:

  1. When the website mentions you
  2. When the website links back to your business
  3. When the website advertises the guest posting opportunity on their social media
  4. When the website pushing another guest post

When approaching, personalise your email to be suitable for the hosting website, and don’t forget to mention who you are and why your post should be chosen over others. Hosting websites look for high content quality, so use your pitch to offer them the same.

That’s all you need to know for taking your content marketing to the next level. Guest post regularly with high-quality content, and you will be able to significantly increase your brand’s domain authority and improve online awareness. Stay tuned to know more about improving your digital marketing.