What is outreach and How do we do it

Outreach is a way reach out to webmasters, establishing connections and engage in conversation. There are different ways an outreach program we  manage. For most campaigns we use emails to reach out to other websites.

Expanding Outreach to Social Media

Sometimes we find social media outreach still effective in some places. This goes for facebook, instagram, twitter, twitch, linkedin etc. Each social platform has its own algorithm to protect from spammers. Reaching out in small numbers is never a problem. Once reaching out to 10+ connections, we start to see accounts getting blocked or slowed down.

Taking Outreach with an Traditional Approach

Still very effective for local campaigns, just picking up the phone and call up the local business oftentimes is the best method. We combine this with a follow up summary email.

Either method, outreach is very effective when done right.


Getting Started with Outreach

We recommend using the company email or setting up a new gmail account that is relevant to the industry we reach out for.  New gmail account helps to prevent being detected as spammer in some way, but requires a new phone number for verification. If for businesses using GMail Business App, we create new gmail accounts within few clicks.

Before sending out the very first email to any target website, we want to test our outreach template to pass most spam filter first. For this test, we like using: gmass.co/inbox

It has a combination of old and new gmail accounts with different spam filters setup. This will help to quickly understand what part of our outreach template is not working well.


Perfecting Our Outreach Email Templates

Often times, the best replies comes back from very simple outreach template. We do not want to oversell and become pushy on our emails. We like to keep curiosity going… this allows more room for engagement in different topics and webmasters will instantly know that we are humans like them. We find more positive email responses by doing so.


  • Using Name
  • Stay Relevant
  • Be Nice
  • Appreciate Their Time
  • Shorter Emails (but higher engagement rate)


Following Up Emails

Managing Conversations

Outreach Content Creation

Topic Research

This should be something relevant that both website can connect to. It does not make sense if we try to push an article live that is not suitable for the outreach website, same for the target website we want to credit back.

For improving SEO rankings, we recommend to look for webmasters who accepts topics that mentions target keywords in the topic title. This way we ensure that the content is most relevant.

Content Drafts

First question when start writing or looking at the content is probably this for most people:

  • 500 words,
  • 1000 words
  • 1500 words
  • 2000-4000 words
  • 10,000 words?

How to we determine the content length. Most websites are happy with 400-500 words.

If we consider SEO into this, we want to create content that is the best version of that topic on the internet. Sometimes this is 500 words, sometimes you are going for 3000 words. This all depends on top ranking websites on Google.


Get Approvals with everyone involved

Content Approval and Follow ups

Time Saving Outreach Tools

We love make use of SEO tools to save time and accelerate repetitive process. Feel free to try our recommendations or send more useful ones to be added to our list.

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