the reason why most SEO services are not affordable or not delivering predictions is because of the strategies and how it was executed.  Not every SEO expert or SEO company can say they have been in this industry for over a decade. The only way to make SEO affordable is to have been tested everything there is and knowing what not to focus on and what to focus on. Most SEO recommendations on the internet will suggest doing everything that can is considered to interact and improve SEO. That is not the case.


Making SEO affordable for Small Business means: You know what is needed and not in a given timeline that is part of your performance prediction.

Metrics a small business owner can keep track of when looking for the progress of their SEO campaign.

  • Impression
  • Clicks
  • Average Rankings
  • CTR

Signs to look for that helps small business SEO more affordable


First things that will happen to your small business website on Google search result the ranking keywords of your optimised pages will go up. This means that each page that is then optimised with SEO helped Google to understand what they are talking about. Google then can do its best to best rank this newly optimised page. Most cases the number of Impression will raise, because the content naturally will cost most of the longtail keywords.

Raising  number of impression means you page are more seen on the internet (actually only Google search for those keyword, longtails).

Average Rankings

The average ranking of your newly optimised page on your small business website could go up and down. Depending for how many keywords , (longtails and all kind of variations anyone could search for your chosen keywords online or if Google connects your content with any other type of relevant keywords or longtails that never thought of before) the best-optimised keyword should have the highest average ranking for that keyword on Google search result. What do we mean  by that.

Content Quality

It simply means. If you crafted content with an affordable strategy. You might not have enough budget to cover every single subtopic about your topic to explain your reader and cover your  page of content about the given topic more comprehensive.

Based on what already exists on Google search results for each keyword that you are about to compete against with your new page of content. The higher the competition, the more resources it will take from you to out perform / out rank these old search result pages.

Google Loves Comprehensive Content

By covering more sub topics about your topics, you have a higher chance to rank higher and out perform your competing search result results piers.

As mentioned before. Most SEO campaigns are basically kept affordable by doing “just enough”. Most search result on Google search are creating content that “just covers” about what they are talking about. Only few ones really take the time / resources and give it all out for each topic. Meaning, the most comprehensive content about a topic that includes all the subtopics, FAQ, etc out there. Google naturally prefers to send traffic to highly optimised content that covers everything, rather than sending it’s user to different small pages of different websites because the information about A single topic are scattered across.  But to keep creating content because the main target was SEO, the problem we see most of the time is a given budget to keep this campaign at affordable rate for the small business.



Affordable Small Business SEO Tools

We recommend avoiding any automated SEO tool. Most automated SEO tools will destroy your small business from being discovered on Google search.

Tools that can help improving SEO and we can mention are:

  • GSC Google Search Console
  • WordPress or Google Docs for content edits
  • Google Search Result (checking out your competition)
  • Google Auto Suggest (keyword research)
  • Google Related Keywords (at bottom of your search result page, its helpful for keyword research)


The Best & Affordable SEO Packages for Small Businesses

The most affordable & best SEO package for any type of small business is a custom SEO package. You only need the foundations. A reputable SEO company or  SEO consultant could recommend the most suitable package and explain how you can expect your small business SEO campaign to progress best based on the package.


Affordable SEO services for any Small Businesses in Melbourne

Mainly because we are located in Melbourne, our SEO services for your small business will perform exceptionally well. No kidding, its not because of our location that our small business SEO services is most likely to perform, but its due to the short distance we have to our clients. Most problems we encounter when implementing SEO strategies at any size, this includes SEO for small business in Melbourne is the implementation and communication. How, Why, Timings, Not wasting precious time of business owners and SEO experts or our consultants. We have experience in managing successful relationships with our clients. This helps most of our campaign to progress more smoothly.

The second reason why you can count our SEO services as affordable is that we custom our SEO strategies for each client. By not doing everything that is not needed, you end up with an affordable SEO service.


Finding an Affordable SEO company

The most affordable SEO company are the ones that can deliver and are available to take on more clients with a custom package at a fairly priced budget. Simply looking for the cheapest ones won’t cut it. Those type of SEO company might not perform on the long run. Remember, Google wants the best content quality for its search users. It is not a 1 step process. Good SEO companies have different phases of implementing and improving specific pages for specific keywords, targeting specific  quality for the page of content that is being worked on. The most affordable companies might only do one of few of these mentioned points, but to find a good affordable company. As a small business owners, you should take to time and get to know your future SEO company. SEO campaigns lasts several months to several years.


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