If you focus on getting a higher ranking on Google, you will not have to worry about marketing and acquiring new customers. Law firm SEO is essential, as when your business appears in the top 3 search results on Google, it will also look on Google Maps. These two platforms will bring more traffic to your market and give you experience and services an authority status.

Traditional ads are not far-reaching, and you will end up paying more for the common advertisement services. Consider a scenario where a DUI attorney spends $250 to $300 for each click, for most cities for keywords such as “Melbourne DUI Attorney” and similar titles. Fifty such online clicks will surpass a five-figure expense. In comparison, the advertisements may rank higher on organic search outcomes, but since most people know that they see commercials, they bypass the ad. Now consider your presence on the first page of Google and getting hundreds of visitors for free every month. This exposure is not possible with other promotional means and helps law departments to ascend their business.

How Can We Help You?

If you reach out to us through our discovery form, we check your website and analyze the current optimization on your web content and how good or bad the optimization is for getting you ranking. We then research and look out for relevant words that will boost your business to rank higher in Google(such as SEO LAWYER, or LEGAL SEO, in this case). We investigate the strength of the particular keyword and how the keywords will perform against the competition and their SEO strategies. We will quote our services fee after evaluating the optimization requirements and the level of market competition you want to surpass to get a higher ranking.

Once we come under a service agreement, we will start working by building robust optimization schemes to sync your website speed, presentation, content, and other technical aspects and make sure that all the areas are fully optimized and networked over the Internet. We make sure that your web promotional plan includes making the web available in all the popular social media platforms. This method has many different phases and needs to be carried out in a particular way. Through regular analysis, we keep our procedures up to date, because there is always the possibility of changes in SEO and Google’s algorithm.

Video Promotion and Law Office SEO

Videos are more interactive than text and attract more users. It will give your law firm an edge to connect with the customer, so it is an excellent strategy to use engaging videos about your law firm.

Are you aware that YouTube is a Google affiliation? YouTube also happens to be the second biggest search platform where millions of people search for businesses, services, and other promotion. We not only deliver optimization for your website but also ensure all your videos goes through our proper for optimization on YouTube. This strategy is one of the many methods we use to make sure you rank higher on the search engine. You do not have to bring loads of videos that are masterpieces, as we only require a few videos to deliver maximum optimization.

A Value-Driven Examination

Getting your company to rank on the top 3 spots in Google is a valuable digital marketing edge that you can have over your competitor and your need an expert SEO agency to get you there. You can expect around 90% of people searching for professional SEO services to use Google and take leads from search engine results. If you can rank higher on Google, it will bring you traffic from other resources such as Yelp of BBB. Google is ultimately the source for all traffic! Ranking on Google and Google Map increases your probability to get more customers and attract 40% of the users searching for your industry-specific keywords. You can not expect the same traffic even if you are on the second page of Google search results.

We know from our expertise and exposure in SEO marketing that SEO takes local markets like roofers, doctors, lawyers, and any other trade to an entirely new level.

A brilliant SEO promotional plan that brings your business higher ranking is far superior to promoting or purchasing leads from linked websites. You will have to spend less on SEO marketing and will deliver you more than your cost, up to a staggering 60 times ROI! However, you have to act smart and associate yourself with reliable SEO services and avoid the low-cost SEO agencies that offer you nothing more than temporary shortcuts and can even get your site banned on search engines. We are not one of those agencies; we believe in real and genuine long-term strategies that will rank your website organically. For us, quality is the top preference where we work on your business to make it rank higher than all competition especially in large urban districts like New York or Houston, where you will come across some fierce competition.