Nearly 4 out of 5 people use the Internet on a regular basis, and most of them employ search engines. Google is the search engine which is used most often and is thus very important to increase the presence of your cosmetic surgery company on the web as it has about 91% of the share of the market.

Good SEO Is Extremely Important to Plastic Surgeons

SEO offers more potential for plastic surgery professionals in a local area than any other kind of marketing. If a business achieves a good rank in Google searches, all traffic coming in from that source is essentially free. Other forms of marketing plastic surgery are more costly than the free digital traffic obtained from SEO services. This is particularly beneficial to doctors of all types. Potential clients will pay a lot of attention to the top search results in Google. More traditional methods in the marketing industry have become obsolete and cumbersome. Potential patients tend to make their choice of cosmetic surgery doctors from the ones that appear at the top of the rankings. If you are able to achieve the top position, you will have cosmetic surgery patients approaching you automatically.

We offer plastic surgeons our special proprietary process that will build your business as an authoritative hero brand. The authority of your business on the web derives from how your company website will be seen by Google as more important than the competitors in your area. This will mean that your website will become more and more visible on the web until it reaches the peak of organic search results. Once this goal has been achieved, we take steps to solidify your position and keep it at the top for the long term. Your local plastic surgery business can also be posted on the Google map at the top of the page, giving you two authoritative spots at once. Phone calls will come in to your office as a result of your placement on Google maps and your placement on the search engine results.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Workflow

The first step is for our agency to analyze and evaluate your business and your website, starting with completion of the discovery form. Our agency will also examine your competitors as we gain a deeper understanding of your business situation and the potential for growth in your area.

Selecting the Right Keyword for A Plastic Surgery Website

Next we will work together to choose appropriate keywords and combinations that suit your specialty and focus. We will use sophisticated analysis tools and filters to determine search volume. This will determine the keyword sets and phrases that will serve as a template for the work.

People in the medical profession are often found online using a local reference (for example, plastic surgeon Phoenix) because patients want to find a local doctor. We therefore are very careful in optimizing your website with keywords and combinations that will gain visibility for your cosmetic surgery website in your region. We are specialists in optimizing SEO for your local area!

On-page Optimization Quality Plastic Surgeon Content

We will improve the technical aspects of your on page optimization by reducing loading times and optimizing images, as well as optimizing the content using your keywords and the search patterns of your potential patients. Patients who need medical attention want reassurance that they are being well taken care of by someone who keeps them well informed. Providing top quality relevant information can create value for your potential clients and will also be ranked more highly by Google. We also maintain your metadata, create suitable headings and internal links, provide titles for your images, and provide other technical work.

These days more people are using their mobile devices to perform digital searches. Therefore it is essential that the pages present well when viewed on a mobile device so that potential clients do not exit the site prematurely.

Off-page Optimization Reviews and Comments on Plastic Surgeon Experiences

Off page optimization is the major part of the project and will involve networking your site with social media and authoritative websites. When search engines find other sites linking to yours, they see the links as recommendations. When you have more recommendations from important sites, you gain more authority with Google. However, the quality of the recommending sites and their relevance to your topic is more important than quantity. We therefore spend a lot of time conducting research of relevant sites and pages that will give you valuable links to improve the authoritativeness of your website.

These days, successful business whether large or small, must have a presence on social media. Google finds social media activity very valuable. If your competitors are not doing this successfully, they will be disadvantaged. We integrate your site with social media to strengthen the way Google perceives you. We include YouTube videos as part of our strategy. Having a video online lets potential clients see you and hear you, giving them a positive feeling that may cause them to call your company. These videos are ranked highly by Google and will offer another way for patients to find your cosmetic surgery website.